Vocaloid 2

Vocaloid in Pico for the Second time!

     This time, Kaito and Meiko is here! Yay! The first Vocaloids are finally here! To be true, I'm a Kaito fan. I like his blue-ish style! Besides, I love his duet with Miku about Romeo and Juliet. It rocks.

     So what do you think of these new items> I really want to try the new gacha but my closet is really full and I don't know which to delete anymore. GM and Newbies items of mine are already gone. I'm really in hte difficult situation and I'm sure, I'll get envy when I saw picos wearing one of these costumes T^T Oh well. Get them for me! So try the new gacha now!

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile 


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