2nd Grand Royal Anniversary

    Hello everyone! Today, we Étoiles are celebrating our 2nd Family Anniversary and here's our short trailer for this year.

    I'm very happy that our family made it before the Ameba Pico closes. I really feel lucky for us. And for this year's event, instead on helding Étoile Search 2012, we already planned to have a video were all of us 29 Étoiles will appear in case we cannot make it.

    I am really thankful to Nayumi Étoile for making my dream come true. I've been wanting to have one, all Étoiles in one video and this is it. We've talked about this like 10 months ago and then we started preparing like around June. It was really hard, one if it is getting every Étoiles' pictures. But, the hardest part was, the editing of the costumes. though it's really enjoying even though my back already aches.

    So yeah, I just couldn't help my self smile by watching this video. So I hope like me, us, everyone would enjoy this trailer as well.

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    I was 32 minute late because I uploaded the Étoile Anniversary Video which made my computer very laggy so bad that firefox won't open. Of course, I'm so happy to see some of the Étoiles who were able to make it today!

 Kenzie, Miyuki, MaiRie, Ranzi, MiaRi, Crystal, Yumi and RanziII

 With friends ~
 With Nayumi

 After math~

    Thank you very much for those people who came to see us, who waited for the videos and supported our works! May the supports keep on coming and we are promising we will do our best for everyone as long as we can!

Call Me Maybe mini update

    I'm still busy around and really running out of time with a lot of things. I have to make a video as a gift for my mom for her birthday on 29th tomorrow then after, I have to save lots of pictures from my account in multiply.com because the site is only available till December 1. Then from the first week of December will be our exam week. 

    Just that, I'm not really forgetting anything. I just don't have enough time to do a lot of things in a day because there are things that I have to do first in real life :)


 ☆彡Étoile Sisters★彡
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile
Étoile Royal


2nd Royal Anniversary

    Thank you very much for giving us back our 5,000 Likes!

    We are inviting everyone to celebrate our last anniversary in the Pico World on November 27, 2012! Let's all have fun together in one night! Also, get ready for our last video in pico world Alice in Wonderland directed by Nayumi Étoile! So stay tune and don't be late, 'kay?

Event  Page

Time Schedule

     The venue will be open for everyone at exact 8:30PM/20:30. Please take note that we will not be allowing the visitors to get inside the venue earlier the time. Anyone who tried to get in earlier the designated time will be kick out (but will be allow again).

Australia(Sydney) - 21:30//9:30PM-00:30//12:00AM
Canada(Ottawa) - 07:30//7:30AM-10:30//10:30AM
China(Beijing) - 19:30//7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Egypt(Cairo) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
France(Paris) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
Germany(Berlin) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
Hong Kong(Hong Kong) - 19:30//7:30PM
Indonesia(Jakarta) - 18:30//6:30PM-21:30//9:30PM
Japan(Osaka) - 20:30//8:30PM-23:30//11:30
Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur)- 19:30 //7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Netherlands(Amsterdam) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
Philippines(Manila) - 19:30//7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Singapore(Singapore) - 19:30 //7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Taiwan(Taipei) - 19:30//7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
U.S.A(New York) - 07:30//7:30AM-22:30//10:30AM
Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh) - 18:30//6:30PM-21:30//9:30PM
✩★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile
Étoile Royal Family


Pigg is Closing too?

    Hello everyone! After a very quite long time, sorry for now updating the blog frequently. I was really busy ever since I went to Philippines and came back here in Japan? So what happened to me when I was in Philippines?

    I celebrated my 18th birthday there last November 4, 2012. I went to the country last November 1, 2012, 11:55PM and got home in our house there around 2AM of November 2. Then I went out with my BFFs on that day and practiced a song number. November 3 was my general rehearsal and there, November 4~

    Do you want to hear my fairytale on that day? Answer the poll here~

    So yeah, I've been hearing rumors that pigg is closing too. Jeez, guys, stop panicking!From the blog post of Ameba Pigg Staff: http://ameblo.jp/pigg-staff/entry-11404034779.html

(Thank you for always playing Ameba Pigg)



(The some current areas on Ameba Pigg that
everyone are having fun will going to close)

(November  1, 12:00//12:00PM)

【対象エリア】 Target Areas:
・デコ★ウエスタン広場 (Decor★Western Public Square)
・白いちご広場 (White Strawberry Public Square)
・ドレッシーロック広場(Dressy Lock Public Square)
・青空ゲームセンター広場(Blue sky Game Center Public Square)
・クラシカルロリータ広場(Classical Lolita Public Square)
・ブリティッシュ広場(British Public Square)
・森のリスさん広場(Squirrel Forest Public Square)
・メロディ広場(Melody Public Square)
・ピグコーデFES広場(Pigg Coordinate FES Public Square)
・星座広場(Constellation Public Square)


(We are counting for your more support)

    So please stop that rumor that this game is closing. For more information, Ameba Pico is under Cyber Angent AMERICA and Ameba Pigg is from Cyber Agent JAPAN. It's different and please don't make it one. Let everyone know about this by sharing this blog post to your friends. Thank you!

 ✩Étoile Sisters
 MaiRie Étoile