Pigg is Closing too?

    Hello everyone! After a very quite long time, sorry for now updating the blog frequently. I was really busy ever since I went to Philippines and came back here in Japan? So what happened to me when I was in Philippines?

    I celebrated my 18th birthday there last November 4, 2012. I went to the country last November 1, 2012, 11:55PM and got home in our house there around 2AM of November 2. Then I went out with my BFFs on that day and practiced a song number. November 3 was my general rehearsal and there, November 4~

    Do you want to hear my fairytale on that day? Answer the poll here~

    So yeah, I've been hearing rumors that pigg is closing too. Jeez, guys, stop panicking!From the blog post of Ameba Pigg Staff: http://ameblo.jp/pigg-staff/entry-11404034779.html

(Thank you for always playing Ameba Pigg)



(The some current areas on Ameba Pigg that
everyone are having fun will going to close)

(November  1, 12:00//12:00PM)

【対象エリア】 Target Areas:
・デコ★ウエスタン広場 (Decor★Western Public Square)
・白いちご広場 (White Strawberry Public Square)
・ドレッシーロック広場(Dressy Lock Public Square)
・青空ゲームセンター広場(Blue sky Game Center Public Square)
・クラシカルロリータ広場(Classical Lolita Public Square)
・ブリティッシュ広場(British Public Square)
・森のリスさん広場(Squirrel Forest Public Square)
・メロディ広場(Melody Public Square)
・ピグコーデFES広場(Pigg Coordinate FES Public Square)
・星座広場(Constellation Public Square)


(We are counting for your more support)

    So please stop that rumor that this game is closing. For more information, Ameba Pico is under Cyber Angent AMERICA and Ameba Pigg is from Cyber Agent JAPAN. It's different and please don't make it one. Let everyone know about this by sharing this blog post to your friends. Thank you!

 ✩Étoile Sisters
 MaiRie Étoile


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