Truth of Rumors

    I've already cleared everything last time on my previous post, about the girl named ღѕԏєℓℓαღ' a.k.a Maddy Étoile who spread bad rumors about me. *Please take not that this user changed her name and face because of embarrassment?* And a while ago, I received another message from someone who said that I hacked a Pico user. I talked to her and I found out something again.


Louis Oliver Davis

    He's the other pico who's spreading the rumors, for almost 12 picos already. Isn't really insane? Spreading Rumors w/o Proofs? Hah! Well, líввч lєє♥, was the one who message me and I found out that she just heard it from someone and it's from *RenjheneI*. When I everything were cleared, she told me about this  guy who's spreading rumors. And we're lucky that he went online that time and I had a chance to talk with him. And his story were really surprising! I went there personally using my 2nd account, .♣Clover♣. (a.k.a ♣Clover♣. Old name got stolen DX)

   "MaiRie Étoile with Alice in Wonderland room is the one who hacked me. She told me that she'll gave me Ameba Gold and so She opened my account and deleted my AG stuffs and she shrink my room"

    I'm not rich, I'm still studying in real life. I don't have work or even a part time job to give people Ameba Gold just that. And I never give somebody and Ameba Gold in my entire life! They may ask my but I NEVER asked someone that I'll give them Ameba Gold even to any members of Étoile Royal Family.

    And after I talked to him, I told him who I am and Went back to my room before he kicks me and I can't go back there. And then, líввч lєє♥ went to my room and said,...

    Just like what ღѕԏєℓℓαღ' did to us when we were in her room, they kicked us. Now you see, I think these people who are spreading the rumors are guilty. They can't prove it. AND they should be like flooding my room that I'm a hacker and saying like "I DARE YOU MAIRIE FOR HACKING ME!" in front of me but they can't say it instead, they run or kick me out. LAWL

     By the way, thanks to ๖ۣۜ♥GiGi™๖ۣۜ♥, Miko Trith, líввч lєє♥ and ~DivaGurl~ and her http://pico101.webs.com/ who helped me and going to continue on helping me around. And thanks to those people who believe what I said:)

-MaiRie Étoile


daszlehop said...

This is *RenjheneI* and I do have proof that u hack me ok look at my blog: http://etoilehack.blogspot.com/
This is no lie.

Etoile Sisters said...

U r so brave to step on my territory, dont mess up with my blog.


Nargacuga said...

I'm gonna keep stay tune to see the ending result.
I'm trusting on you Mai&Mia ;D
And I'm gonna see who gonna be the winner and who gonna be the shamed one.

Ameba Pico Rockz said...

And also me I helped a tiny bit also!!! - Gαв ℓαяαмιє lol I was the one who kept asking you to add me and I was poking you ^.^ remember me? Anyways, good luck in winning!

BryWIJ said...

@Nargacuga, I think we know who's gonna win and whos gonna be left out ashamed of "himself".

♥♥Crystal★★ said...

I will always support etoile family!

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