New Family

    Just before the maintenance and the White Tiger Sale Campaign ends, I bought one together with my sis before it's too late. We shouldn't really miss this special event so we rush there even though our poll is not yet end. I really love our White Tigers, I remembered before, when the White Tiger is freshly released, I always wanted to have one but I got black one before white instead XD

    Also, meet Curtis, Cat Étoile's white tiger, she bought it 2 days before Mia and I bought our White Tigers. We had a hard time on thinking of the name of her tiger and she was like " WHAT?! MY TIGER IS A MALE?! NO WAY!! I WANT A FEMALE ONE!" when she knew that her tiger was a male. Haha! So I told her that I think it's fine even she name her pet as a female one but she just keep on whining XD I helped her, gave so many names but in the end, she's the one who named her first pet :)

    And I took their very first pic ever! Lawl, I love it when seeing Cat Étoile so happy like this, of course! I love it whe everyone is happy~

    Now I guess, seeing Cat's smile says:

"Dream Come True"

    So People! If you want something don't ever give up on trying. It's not bad. Failures are lesson, let your failure inspire you to do your best more and let your failure rich your dream :)

-MaiRie Étoile


Rosey said...

Wow..its so amazing i wish i can buy a white tiger too :(

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