Pico Rock Band

    Been loving Pico Rock Band? Yes! I know that their performance last time was great! And yeah, they just had their newest video of their performance and I know their fans is going to love them again! And this time, Étoiles s

Pico Rock Band 2: It Might Be You

Pico Casts:
Ayame Étoile (Guitarist)
Yamamoto85 (Drummer)
White Étoile / [RB]♚White! É (Vocalist)
All the Étoiles
My Pico Buddies and their buddies
And all the other extras

    Everyone is searching for love. Yes maybe it's him/her... but it's only a "maybe". It's not bad to search for the one but it may takes time. Someday, somewhere... on the right time, right place and with the right person, we will find the love, the true love that is meant for us. :)

-MaiRie Étoile


[RB]♚White! É said...

All right!! Thanks to all the picoholics who watched our two videos!! You guys are our inspiration to make videos.. XD but sad to say we will not make new ones for a long time.. But be patient.. Pico Rock Band is not over.... Enjoy the 2 vids...

Sofia~♥ said...

Nice ♥♥
love it ♥♥

Yυмi's Blog~! said...

OMG ;D thats the cutest thing i ever saw. Im the friend of the ninja girl in the video! i just love ur BAND!!

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