2nd Anniversary Special Dress!!

     Happy 2nd Anniversary Picos! I can't believe that I made it till the 2nd anniversary and I'm so happy! Okay so today, there are new items in Virtual World.

    So I hurriedly bought an Ameba Gold but still have to wait till I get it. It would takes time and I have to be patient! But then... after hours...

    Finally received AG! But, we didn't really know which to buy. Items are expensive and it made us think first! We even asked Étoiles and people in our facebook page to help us on deciding. We even made a poll for it! So I hurriedly told mai so we go shopping together. So yeah. We bought everything there X_X Total of 1,200 Ameba Gold.

    Yeah I know, it's stupid specially buying that 300AG Dress. Actually, we only want crowns... But when we thought that these items are only available for 2nd Anniversary, we didn't hesitate anymore on buying all stuffs >3<

    We spend so much today. Thinking to be wise on the next premium item. Oh, by the way. I had a great time with Miyu and Rose last time!

     And last thing, Mai Changed her room design!<3

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MiaRi Étoile 
[New] 2nd Anniversary Special Dress!!


É Secrets Part #2

    Hello everyone! we have another special post for you! Gonna reveal another secret for the second time! Feel free to use them still, please if you're going to share this style, please do share this blog post. If you don't want to have a bad fortune... if you know what we mean >:D Joke. Well, it's just a small favor and we think it's not hard.. isnt`t?

    This is one of the demands of people in our facebook page and even in this blog. You know what secret will be reveal this time? We have been doing this more than a year. Maybe since like January 2011? Or December 2010. S today, we are going to teach you how to have a white background!

Make sure you have this: (If you have it, proceed to STEP 2)
Solid White Floor
You can buy this at Broadway Boutique at NYC near the policeman and Rina Rina's Shop.
If you already have this, then good!


Go to your room and open decor.
On the 'Room' section, find the Solid color floor/wh
Apply it to your room and SAVE!


oh btw, this was Mai's idea<3

If you don't have a white floor, feel free to use mine!
Search StarryMia  -> Go to room -> Room 4!
My room is always in white floor, maybe it could help you on doing this w/o spending anything
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MiaRi Étoile


2nd Anniversary


    Still cant imagine that we celebrated the 1st Anniversary last year and now  2nd Anniversary! How long do we play this game anyway? Since 2010 actually. It's actually a long time and many things happened but we are still here. Haha!

    So yeah, it's a bit weird because Ameba Pico is not Announcing the exact date when their game started. As it said on their blog, the first post was How to get Gummies on February 23, 2010 but the First Anniversary was held from February 21, 2011 from their post 1st Anniversary AG Campaign!!. But for this year, the celebration is from today....



Okay, so yeah... New items Again!

Don't miss the campaign too!

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MaiRie Étoile 


Noble Challenge

    A new Slot Challenge for this month was released yesterday! It was really hard to get and we spent 1,000Ameba Gold on buying stones and perfumes but still we didn't get it that fast. 4x Didn't really help. Pico is like, making the challenge hard when it's something nice and when it's like a random one, they give the limited item fasts. X_X Okay, so enjoy on playing, it's hard. They didn't put much of perfumes and stones either :(
February 24th~March 1st (23:59 GMT)

in Slot Area

Win C$1,000(from the start)
→ Almighty One x5

Win C$10,000(from the start)
→Almighty Three x 10

Win C$50,000 (from the start)
→Noble Chair

Win C$150,000 (from the start)
→Noble Floor, Noble Wall

Win C$ 200,000(from the start)
→Noble Dress, Noble Classic Hat, Noble Window

Win C$ 200,000(from the start)
→Noble Outfit, Noble Gentleman Hat, Noble Window

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MiaRi Étoile 



     Heard the Sheep items? Well, you shouldn't miss them! Specially the "PONCHO" that you can buy through gummies! These items really makes me feel the winter season. I really love fluffy stuffs! So, check these items at Mary's shop and browse as much as you want!!!

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MiaRi Étoile 


É Secrets Part #1

    Hello everyone! Since the Anniversary of Ameba Pico is soon, we have a special post for you! We will be revealing our secrets officially in this blog and feel free to use them! Oh, before everything... if you are going to share this knowledge... please do share this blog post instead of owning them. You know what we mean :)

    Okay! So let's begin.

There were many people who's wondering how we do this: 
from our post IT'S SUMMER (7/11/201)

And this:

    Okay, so before we say how we do this magic, please take note that this is limited for some users who got the item. This is a safe magic, no need soft wares or anything. This is not a hack even a cheat.



You will be needing these:
High-class Escargot Wheels + Swim suit (any suit will do)

Click the required items and you'll see your pico will sit wearing the swim suit and it's sitting. w/o the High-class Escargot Wheels

Then SAVE!

This will also will work with the male picos!
    Did you like it? Well, if you tried on doing this and you're successful, feel free to post it on our fan page or email it on etoile.royale@yahoo.com


☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile


PRB Generation X

    Hello everyone! Let me introduce to you the PRB GX members who were chosen last audition when there were so many circumstances happened from December 2011-January 2012. Winners was announced last  February 5, 2012 and we're sorry if we weren't able to announce it earlier. So first of all... here's the message from Ayame Étoile.

"First of all, THANKS SO MUCH to all the picos who had submitted their audition tapes. It was such a great honor watching all of your wonderful videos. But sad to note, we are looking for only 3 members.

After a month-long audition event and several hours of watching audition videos, the results are finally out. We are happy to introduce to you guys the NEW BAND that shall continue the LEGACY we have started. \(^o^)/"

-Ayame Étoile

So now, let us introduce to you the
new members of our band!

    PRB GX had their concert debut last February 18, 2012 and it was a successful debut wince more than 100 people were waiting just to see their first performance

    I was surprised for an Étoile passed the Audition since Mia and I wanted to audition but when I asked Tita Ayame she said we can't. =3= Well, for some reasonable reasons okay? And we we're fine with it as well because if we joined and pass it means we'll have more things-to-do and it would just add stress to us X_X

    And besides, one of the chosen PRB GX members is from our family, Ape Étoile! Who keeps on reaching his dream. I'm so proud that one of us made it to the audition because I thought that an Étoile can't be part of the band XD.

    Second, Libby, the head of Pico Model made it too! Never thought that the drummer will be a female this time! So proud of you Libby! I know you're reaching your dreams too :)

     And lastly, Congratulations to iDhummy, who's really familiar with me. I think I saw him somewhere, probably in Alice in Wonderland by an occasion. There was a time I thought that he was iDomo when I was using Rose Étoile's account and mistakenly made a conversation with him and he didn't  really have any idea of what I was talking about. Haha!

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MaiRie Étoile



     Hello everyone! So you guys enjoying our videos? Well, we would love to share more videos to you and of course! It is made by an Étoile member, so let me introduce her to you...

     Nayumi is one of the new Étoiles who was chosen last Étoile Search 2011 by October-November last year. Nayumi is one of the nominees who got highest votes on the search. By that time, I never knew she make awesome videos and I was a fan of one of her videos, Twilight.



August 2010

September 2011


September 2011

October 2011

     Saw her talents? Well, she's not just talented but also a nice girl! Nayumi is also part of Picozilla Band. So if you want to know more about her, feel free to visit her Blog, Facebook Page and Youtube Channel!


☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


Bad Bunny Studio

    Bad Bunny Studio on Pico! Yay! This really hit my eyes. I do love Red and Black and good thing Mai won't argue with me to get these items since she love red as well. Haha! Well, we never argue o.o Besides.. why would Mai will argue with me if...

is in this GACHA

     So yeah, these items are really cool! If you love anime and gothic, maybe this style would suits you! So get them now <3

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MiaRi Étoile



    Hello readers! Finally Skyscraper is out! Skyscraper was delayed for 2 times. First plan release was last January 21, 2012 (Ranzi's Birthday) as a gift. And the second one was last Valentine's Day, February 14, 2012, which is supposed to be a Valentine Special of Étoiles to everyone. But then, there were so many circumstances in real life. Been busy, was sick and more but then, finally it's released and now I'm free.

MiaRi Étoile || Ranzi Étoile

MaiRie Étoile as Mia's sis & Dancer#1 || Maron Étoile as Ranzi's Best Friend
Faith Étoile as Dancer#2 || Yasuo Étoile as Doctor
Rose Étoile as Nurse#1 & Dancer#3 || Yumi Étoile as Nurse#2
Crystal Étoile as DJ || Nicky Étoile as Patient#1
StarryMai as Patient#2 || StarryMia as Patient#

Feel free to visit and enjoy

Pico ID: StarryMai
Room 1

Maron's Place
Pico ID: StarryMai
Room 3
Mia's Room

Pico ID: StarryMai
Room 4

Chloe's House
Champs Élyéese
 NYC Downtown

See Skyscraper snapshots!!!

500+ Followers on Blogger
470+ Youtube Subscribers
4,500+ FB Page Likes

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Miyu's Birthday



    Today is also Miyuki's birthday. Actually, it's held in Rose' room but then, there were already people and 70+ waiting which Miyuki got a hard time on entering. So, we decided to held it in my room. As soon as I received the message from Mia, I rushed out to casino lounge and bought casino stuffs and then we start the party!

    First, we sand the Happy birthday song, though... it's out of tune (maybe) then after, we started the party from eating then talks. There were like 80+ waiting and my rooms and rose' room were full again and good thing that most of them were able to attend that party ^3^

It was really fun! Time passed and all of us were AFK then that was the time I uploaded the Skyscraper♥