Cats' Complete Tricks Guide

    Hello fellow readers! I'm here again to present something new! Well, I've been planning to post this for long, since the time my cat, Pure♦Dark. It's actually a Christmas Present for me and I was so happy. Though many things happened that time and I wasn't able to do a lot of things. Oh well, I think I'm doing good now so yeah, I finally got a time to post this!
     After 1 year, 6 months and 10 days! It's actually a Christmas when Dark got her last trick and it's actually a present for me and I was so happy!

    The last trick was "Super Jump" with the relation of 255. My friend told me that this is the last relation of cats and same total of relation as well as the other pets. Though, I'm not sure if it'll take you a year to complete the tricks because I rarely feed her before.

    YEAH! You must feed your pet ALWAYS. When he told me that, I never let my pets to starve for long time and maintain their mood complete to 5 Music notes. So that would be my 1st advice to you.


Possible Relations for Tricks(All Pets)
All users who have pets will get the trick on the same relation. You're also possible to get same tricks with my cat as well as the other pets

Order Relation Tricks
1 1 pet
2 1 lift up
3 3 paw
4 8 sit
5 17+ stand
6 28+ wave
7 ? cattail
8 63 hand stand
9 78 back flip
10 100 sing
11 125 fur ball
12 150 on your head
13 180 dance
14 255 super jump
*Please take note that some of the record are not occur since I lost my old memo :( We'll going to do our best to give you the exact information next time

    Hope this help you! Feel free to share to your friends! For more pet tricks, check HERE

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MaiRie Étoile


Tiffany Pink of Ameba Pico said...

this was very helpful!! ty! x3

Fiona Caildy said...

yeah my cat 18 already can wave and 36 not yet cattail can u help me once more time?

Michel Bashalany said...

Cattail = relatopn 48

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