L'Heure Bleue


    Yeah, present for my dear cousin, L'Heure Bleue. Lol, yesterday when she said "Imma gonna get you Gold this afternoon" and then I was like... O__O she`s really serious!!! Actually, she`ll get me and my twin but, she can`t find the 500 UGC cards so... yeah ><


    But MiaRi said, It`s fine..whew.. Such a kind sister O__O And yeah now, I dunno what am I going to buy. Am I going to save it or not? HAHAHA.. well, I`ll just decide later.


    ~Cheery Rose~ Visited me while L'Heure Bleue, MiaRie Etoile and ME! (MaiRie Etoile). At first I can`t really recognize her.. and she kept on telling about the winners of the 3rd batch of the winners in HAPPY OLIVER CAMPAIGN. and Yeah, I recognize her too with his blue hair. She`s ~RootBerry~ ! yeah, ~RootBerry~ and ~CherryRose~ are the same. ~RootBerry~ change her name to ~CherryRose~. GOT IT?

(Left to Right: Not you, L'Heure Bleue, MaiRie Etoile,
 ~Cheery Rose~,MiaRi Etoile and SantaHatesYou•)
With our sleeping pets! hahaha


    yeah, Fan. I know... I have fans but I think just few but I`m happy because there are people who are supporting me :D Well, this is Ashley <3. one of my fan(?) It`s been a while since I host a party and she visited my room. She was really surprised because the owner was actually standing beside her. She was like "OMG! UR THE OWNER?!" and I was like "yeah?" and then she confessed.. l was really O_O an my buddy, ♡♡Dιαииε♡♡ just laugh


(MaiRie Etoile, `SCAR`♡S.M.P ,  ♡ chaaaaaa ♡,
°★shuei★° SMP, tala`SMP.ü)

     While I was staying there at Tagalog Park 01, I saw the quadruplets so I joined them lol XD it was actually fun!. I guess it`s easy to guess who`s me there XD

(MaiRie Etoile,  ♡ chaaaaaa ♡, `SCAR`♡S.M.P
°★shuei★° SMP, tala`SMP.ü)


Pico User of the day:

L'Heure Bleue

    Yes, her.. my awesome cousin. Well, I met her...Maybe 3 weeks ago? She visited my house when I was still in HOT01. I think she like my room too. That time, we talked a lot of things an that`s the time where everything started. And yeah, right know, I`m doing her favor... BUT THAT`S A SECRET!.. for now :D And today, maybe 45 min.s ago... I got a present from my Santa...I mean cousin. YAY! :D



    Hello guys! It` been a while. Well yeah, it`s Saturday to day... that`s why We`re online. Uhm, I mean.. We`re always online but we don`t have time for blogging... and yeah! 


     It`s been moretha 17 hours since PICO is error!! We`ve noticed this problem last Thursday at the same time.. And We can`t log in for 30 mins.. and then when we was able to get it, we can`t go somewhere D: So I refreshed again and it`s fixed! And then last night, we thought that it was just the same like Thurday`s but... this is INSANE! many picos are affected! Our cousin told me to wait someone to get online and click that online notice and my buddy list will appear...and it works! And I was like..."yea, GOD! I`m SAVED!" lol

LAWL, I missed PURE so much! <3

    Now, I`m with our cousin... L'Heure Bleue is the one I`m talking about.. I followed her and we`re now in JSC9 `s house. LOL! I CAN`T GO SOMEWHERE! I mean,, WE CAN`T GO SOMEWHERE! Unlike JSC9 , ¶PЯ-¶nAmAn-0H¶ and some of L'Heure Bleue`s buddies can login and I noticed that.. they are all GUYS! LMAO! Is gender thingy have something to do about this? I mean, most of the Male picos can login well and Females can`t? Weird.

    While we were there, My cousin`s boyfriend visited her... That guy was lucky too! Cuz we can login w/o any problem. :( OMG! Why is my Pico and MiaRi is affected! NOOOOO D:

    When the Pico was fixed, I stayed together with MiaRi at TP1(Tagalog Park 1). Lol, I saw ¶PЯ-¶nAmAn-0H¶ there but he`s afk. He was Santa and I`m the deer lol >< an MiaRi was  with someone who we didn`t know >_> THEY HAVE SAME HATS! LOL XD.

(Left to Right: MiaRi Etoile, [PARE] kaulitz
MaiRie Etoile, ¶PЯ-¶nAmAn-0H¶)

 (Left to Right: MiaRi Etoile, MaiRie Etoile, PURE, MaRie Etoile)




    Even thought I`m busy yesterday... I still played pico but not that much D: I wish our test ends faster!!!

    One of my visitor asked me if we can take  a picture yesterday :D My sisters wasn`t online that time, that`s why she`s not here > :

MaiRie Etoile and shaine 84

    Also, It was really fun chatting with M@nny P@quiao and pisiw.  It`s been a while since I chat with them because I was really busy. iTribe is really fun, I swear. I`ll find time and introduce them to you next time :D

   Andbefore I offline, there were triplets in my room 2... and I was like O__O.

(Left to Right:
MaiRie Etoile, TukangMutilasi, TukanqMutilasi, 
TukangMutiIasi and MiaRi Etoile)

    Oh, also... have you experienced this situation?

    She was asking my E-mail address and password....this isn`t my first time thought. But wow, people like her really surprise me. Like asking you directly your account and it`s like she`ll tell you her`s too. ahaha! That`s so Hilarious! So I kicked her out of my room. I`m not rude right? :D

   And yesterday, while I`m staying at TP1(Tagalog Park 1) I was talking together with friend and this girl.... suddenly sat ony my friend`s right side( and I was on the left). It was so surprising that out back hair style and the color are the same! Also... we`ve got same outfit too.. ahahha Maybe she`s a missing Etoile. 

MaiRie Etoile and Yaptus ヤップツス

*I was alone so I just sat beside that cat(Tobi`s Cat)
and she was laughing because I look crazy*

Oh yeah, about HOT 30! I forgot to post the updates yesterday >< ahaha Today I`m in 7th^^ And we have the 7th HOT30 User: Dear DanieI. Congrats!:D