Are you familiar with the came called "Ninjump" on Facebook? Well, if you are, MaiRie Étoile and BryWIJ Étoile is going to have a competition with this game!


   They will be having a competition from June 1-June 4 and the one who'll get the highest score will be the Greatest Ninja of Étoiles. We will be having a poll to get votes from other pico users so... Please Support! ^0^

-We are going to play Ninjump through our iPads.
-We should only use 1 finger on tapping.
-The winner will be the Étoile's Greatest Ninja

So we`re counting for your supports and our poll starts now! Thank You!

-MiaRi Étoile


Last Night

     We've been waiting for this night! The last night of Ameba Pico Prom 2011. Yes, it'll end soon and we don't want to miss this special event! So yeah, we went there with our prom date and it was really exiting! And I wish this night will never end because I'm gonna miss this special event! ><

     And it was really exiting, entering the prom hall and seeing our friends there sitting on the tables. I'm really happy because we are complete, my mom, dad, twin and lil bro and sis with our prom dates. And of course! Other Étoiles were there too! We're actually complete but, Selly, Tina and Crystal weren't able to attend :( I tried to contact with them these past few days but no reply >0<///

    And the most exiting part was our last dance! We danced there with our partners and the song was played by Étoile band leading by White Étoile's elder sister, Ayame Étoile with her drummer, Yamamoto85 and DJ Subby, the pianist! Their songs were really  good!

   Sexquisite Étoile's family was there too! Well, only his wife, Blondy Étoile and their son, Toast Étoile were the only ones who were able to attend. Vegemite Étoile and Rawr Étoile, their daughthers weren't there. But I'm so happy to see some Mia's friend was there too! ♠Oi♠BryceLoski, Cookieee.  and MaRie's friend, MarDollixious♡, ƒøяτυиε¢øøќιε. and Nargacuga Nyo~, Jean Royal É assistant. And most were our old friends were there as well! ♫R&D Rina♫ , ^Rina Cutie^, ♫ Rina_Joan ♫ and Venus Baby. And alsoour special friends, Victoriaaa. ♥, ♥♫♥HønnÊý ♥♫♥.

    Matt, an Étoile before was their too together with Lady Doki! And! My daughter! Anna Étoile together with Nik Étoile. Well, they both rarely online but the won't going to miss the special event!

    Our last dance was the most memorable part of our Special Night. I swear I'm gonna miss this prom! Ad I can't wait for next years! I hope to see our friends there too ^0^



     Yeah, it wasn't a double date together with my sis. But yeah, I went there with my prom date, BryWIJ Étoile who were seemed to asked my sis but then, Neko asked her first so he didn't had any choice but... me? =_=

~You raise me Up~

     Well, my first-ever-prom with my first-ever-prom-date  and my first-ever-prom-dance was great! I danced there together with Bry while the girl's band there were performing and theyr band were good! Bry was good in too dancing! Can you believe it? He raised me up XD And yeah, it was sooo good! I hope my next-year's-prom with my next year's-prom-date is good too! I can't wait for it!

-MiaRi Étoile
Ameba Pico Prom Photocontest 2011 Entry


Special Night

     I remember the Ameba Pico Prom 2010. Yeah, it was last year. I always went there alone. No Prom date.

    I as busy playing reversi that time and I never had a time to dance there. And this picture is the only picture I had there, my only memory in Ameba Pico Prom 2010. Also, I didn't had a chance to see Happy Oliver that time. :(


    I went together with my twinnie, Miari and I'm happy because she's always with me. We always stay there in Prom Hall and dance together with everyone. AND! We also saw Happy Oliver around and danced together with him last May, 1 2010 at Path to Prom1.


I got a prom date!

    Neko-Reborn-É to go to the prom and we danced there in the middle. It was really fun! I hope I went there together with my sis and her date~ Yeah! Double date.. but she had in on different day so yeah.. she wasn't around! And I think it's better if it is double date. Haha!

    I think, my prom this is is better than last year! Full of fun~ But soon Prom is going to end! I'm going to miss it so much! And I'm gonna wait for a year again and dance with every one....

-MaiRie Étoile



     After the one week contest prepared by Étoiles. We're proudly to announce the winners for our contest!


    The winners will be contacted by BryWIJ Étoile

     I know that the contest only has a short time and most of you were about to pass your own entries but you didn't made it on time. It's really fine for us if you're going to post your pictures event the event has been ended.

    I also would like to thank the 35 people who joined the contest!

    We're counting for your participation for our next Étoile Event, so... stay tune!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile

Pico Rock Band!!

     Like Bands? Music? Rock? Well, let me introduce to you the awesome Rock band!  

    Pico Rock Band is formed by most of Étoile Royals. Ayame Étoile as the Guitarist, White! Étoile as the Vocalist, and Yamamoto85 as the Drummer. Ayame Étoile and White! Étoile are actually siblings not just in Étoile but also in real life :D


Ayame Étoile (Guitarist)
Yamamoto85 (Drummer)
White Étoile / [RB]♚White! É (Vocalist)
Yellow Étoile (The Crush)

    There was a popular rock band in Pico world but their true identity is hidden. There was a time, White and his band was at the cafe to promote their band when he saw his crush, Yellow. That time, White confessed to Yellow but he got rejected. He always try his best just to get her heart but he can't.

    They kept on inviting people and advertising their band until they became popular and Yellow started to notice White. Until Ayame invited her to attend their Live Concert.

    Watch the video and see what will happen with White and Yellow in the end!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile É MiaRi Étoile



    Have you ever heard with this Pico user? Well, maybe you do! She was on my previous post about Happy Oliver.

    ~rinkagamine~ was a Winner of Happy Oliver Campaign around June 2010. And  today, I recieved a message from her with her new name!

    I was really happy and she made me surprised because I never expected that I'm going to receive a message from one of the previous Happy Oliver Winner. And I really wanted to meet her!

    I remembered, last time, when I was in shopping with Neko Étoile and BryWIJ Étoile at pet farm... Somebody suddenly went near us and...

    Yah, that surprises me. And from that time, we're always seeing each other and mostly she visits me in my room. I never knew that she was ~rinkagamine~ and the girl at the farm XD Well, she always change her name and it's one of the reason why I can't identify her that fast unless she tell me some clues XD

    Well, this girl is really nice. I hope I get a chance to know her more ^0^

-MaiRie Étoile


Étoile Event 2011

    Hello Everyone! We are the Étoile Sisters!

    Today, we are announcing our first event ever! This event is prepared by Étoiles and open to everyone in Ameba Pico World! We've announced last Tuesday, May 17, 2011 on our Fanpage that we'll be having a special event for everyone! We will be giving total of 1,000AG to the winners!


    Take a picture of you and your partner anywhere in Ameba Pico world starting May 23, 2011 to May 27,2011!

    Winners will be posted on Étoile blog and will be receiving 500AG from BryWIJ Étoile.

Étoile Photo Contest 2011

  • Date: From May 21, 2011 to May 27, 2011 and winners will be announce on May 28, 2011(Satuday)
  • Prize: 2 winners will be chosen by Étoiles will be posted on our blog + recieving 500AG each. The two winners will be contacted by BryWIJ Étoile. *Only one photo will be chosen. The BEST Couple Photo*
  • How to Join:
  1. Visit our Fanpage on face book and make sure you "Like" it for you to able to post your entry. <http://www.facebook.com/Etoile.Sisters>
  2. Submit your photo with your Ameba Pico Nickname and do not change it and your face until the winners are announced.
  3. Make sure you have your own originality with your photo.
  • Make sure your photo has originality
  • Do not change your Pico Nickname as well ass your face until the announcement.
  • Post your Ameba Pico ID with your Photo.
Special Thanks to
    BryWIJ  Étoile
    Étoile Family Membes

    -Étoile Sisters
    MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile



        Learn more actions(type) on Ameba Piggアメーバ. Now I'm gonna show you all. I hope this will help you in your Ameba Piggアメーバ life!

    /panda ・・・ Panda
    /nekohebi ・・・ Nekohebi
    /heart ・・・ heart
    /hirameki ・・・ idea
    /angry ・・・ angry
    /sad ・・・ sad
    /onpu ・・・ fun
    /hungry ・・・ fork and spoon
    /goo ・・・ stone
    /choki ・・・ scissors
    /par ・・・ paper
    /moya ・・・ confuse

    Pigg Action
    /suwaru ・・・ sit
    /tatsu ・・・ stad
    /nem ・・・ sleep
    /pita ・・・ stop(same with tab)
    /min ・・・ minimum
    /big ・・・ grow (only on April Fool's Day)


    /zoomin ・・・ to zoom in
    /zoomout ・・・ to zoom out

    -Étoile Sisters
    MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile



         Hello guys! You've heard about мσ¢нι♡Ü №24? Well, she's the Happy Oliver Winner recently! I contacted her few days ago and congratulated her. I asked her if we could meet and spend sometime and take a picture. And I just received her a while ago. We've met but we weren't able to talk and get-to-know-each other because I was very busy in real. So yeah, only we got is this picture~

     -MaiRie Étoile


    Path to Prom 1

        Today's schedule was hectic. Well, I was busy in school and of course, I can't live for a day w/o opening my pico. So, when Mia and I went at Path to Prom 1, where we are scheduled to AFK our picos. And when we were about to go, Happy Oliver suddenly appeared near us and I was really nervous!

        I really wanted to see him for long... and I really wanted to say thank you  him before because I had a chance to win. But I wasn't able to say it... I didn't know what to do... and  then Mia went near him to take a pic (her pic at the left side is from her) but then.. he poof : |

        Well, I'm really happy to see him again! And also,

        Thanks to Jad Étoile for worrying about me :D

    -MaiRie Étoile

    Happy Oliver

        There are so many Picos who are wondering who is Happy Oliver. Do you want to know more about Him? Well let me tell you EVERYTHING!

        Happy Oliver is a Special Pico Fairy who appears rarely in Pico World. He has a clover on top of his head and he usually wears a green shirt with a four clover leaf design and a green pants. He also has a four leaf clover painting on his face and h holds a four leaf clover. Happy Oliver is a party boy and he love to dance!
         Like the other people thinks, Happy Oliver is NOT a computerized Pico, just like in quest that when you dance like 10 people, he will appear. Those rumors are not true. He visits the designated places of the campaign and visit the servers. But it doesn't mean that h will visit all servers of the campaign because imagine that if there are 100 servers of the campaign, he cant visit all of those servers because it's too many and you should remember that he is not a COMPUTER but he must be controlled by a Cyber Agent/ Ameba Pico Staff or the Game Master. 

        Happy Oliver rarely walks but instead he teleports. There are times that he's hard to catch and you should have to click and props him fast as soon as you see him before he dis appear. He also talk to us, like greetings but he doesn't really chat.

        His campaign is usually held every 1 to 3 months -depends on the new updates and events and based on our observation- and choose the lucky winners and give 1000 Ameba Gold to them. The very first Happy Oliver campaign was held last May 20, 2010 at the parks for 1 week. And the VERY first lucky winner was Sydney Cohen.

    Happy Oliver Lucky Winners 2010

    May 20- [PARK] Win AmebaGold! Happy Oliver Campaign!

    June 11, 18, 28 - [PROM 2010] Every Friday's Special Event!

    August 9, 10, 11 - [PARK] Happy Oliver Campaign in Matsuri Area!!
     (Summer Season)

    September 28-30 - [CASINO] Happy Oliver in the Casino Area!!!

    (C$5,000 prize)

     November 24-26 - [PARK] Props Happy Oliver and Win AG!!!
     (Night Club)

    Happy Oliver Lucky Winners 2011

     February 23-25 - [1st Anniv. Event] Happy Oliver Campaign!!

     May 18-20 - [Event] 5/18~20 Prom Oliver Campaign!!
     (1st year of Happy Oliver Campaign)

    July 27-29 - [Event] Meet Happy Oliver in Space!

    September 28-29 - [EVENT] 9/28~9/29 Oliver Campaign!!

    March 06-07 - [EVENT] 3/6~3/7 Oliver Campaign!!

    CR2MY-BR2D CAT & nickatoon!!!
    Kulpang and $KaQ-۩-cHa$

    Happy Oliver Looks According to Events
    -Picture Completed and arranged by MaiRie Étoile

    - Étoile Sisters
    MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile
    Post modified: May 20, 2011

    Congratulations to the First Day's Winners!

        We would like to congratulate the lucky winners of Happy Oliver Campaign at the prom!

        They found Happy Oliver and received 1000 Ameba Gold!

    -Étoile Sisters
    MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


    [Casino] Prom Dresses/Suits are on SALE!!

    Just got new update from Chloe!

        Get a prom dresses w/o using your real money! But instead, play casino and earn and enjoy the Prom 2011 for two weeks!

    From The Official Blog: 
    Dresses and Suits are on 25% discount in Casino Jill’s Shop!!! 
    [Today-5/22 (23:59 GMT)]

    (From the left)

    Rose Corsage with Ribbon (bk/rd)  for GIRLS ONLY C$ 5,000
    Formal Silk Hat (bk/rd)  for BOYS ONLY C$ 5,000
    Gorgeous Bare Top Dress (bk/red)  for GIRLS  ONLY C$ 200,000 –> C$ 150,000
    Formal Suits with Fancy Bowtie (bk/rd)  for BOYS ONLY C$200,000 –>C$ 150,000


    So, to get these items during this special campaign,
    use the lucky stones in each area to get as many Casino Dollars as you can!!


        As you can see, the prom dresses and suits are very expensive than the other casino outfits specially more expensive than Bourgeois Peacock Design Dress which cost C$30,000(Dress only) and C$90,000 for it's set(dress, shoes, bag, hat and earings).  And as I remember, it's original prize isn't C$200,000 when I bought it long time ago. Well, the prize here is wrong and the post has a correction if you check Jill's shop and compare the prizes.

    True Prizing:
    Rose Corsage with Ribbon (bk/rd)  for GIRLS ONLY C$ 5,000
    Formal Silk Hat (bk/rd)  for BOYS ONLY C$ 5,000
    Gorgeous Bare Top Dress (bk/red)  for GIRLS  ONLY C$ 20,000 –> C$ 15,000
    Formal Suits with Fancy Bowtie (bk/rd)  for BOYS ONLY C$20,000 –>C$ 15,000

    So I hope you don't get confuse with the prizes! Good Luck on earning and let's enjoy the prom 2011!

    -MiaRi Étoile