Here's the Part 3 of Pigg Challenge Card Help.
Complete these stars and get 175!

     Invite your friend to play Ameba Pigg by sending a mail! You can use any e-mail address on sending (even your own) just make sure that the e-mail address you're sending exist. You'll be receiving the star as you send it.

How to send:

See this button at the top left of your screen and click it.
Then, a window will appear. Type the e-mail which you're going to invite to play Ameba Pigg.アメーバ
*Please take note that this window's
campaign changes every month

After clicking the pink button "つぎへ/Next". You'll be transferred and fill up some blanks. Don't forget to type your friend's name and re type the e-mail address you'll be sending an invitation.
You'll be transferred again to confirm the information you fill up. Click the pink button to send the invitation.

スクラッチを1枚コンプリートしょう!/Complete a Scratch Card!
    Log in your Pigg everyday and get a star after 25 days! And who knows that you may get a special item after complete a scratch card? So Good Luck on logging in everyday!

しろくろ遊ぼう!/Play Reversi
    Play しろくろ/Reversi. Click travel and check out the game section. Enter any server of しろくろ/Reversi. Just sit and click on the table and get a star!

絵合わせで遊ぼう!/Play Match Cards

    Check travel and go at 'えあわせ/Match Card' place. Just like in reversi, just sit and click the table to get a star!

海賊じゃんけんで遊ぼう!/Play Pirates RPS
    Play 海賊じゃんけん/RPS or just click the table to get a star!

二人算術で遊ぼう!/Dual Math Battle
     Play 二人算術/Dual Math Battle! Just check out the game section and play with someone.

大富豪で遊ぼう!/Let's Play Daifugou(Millionaire)!
    Check out the game section and enter any server. Sit on the table and wait for someone to play with you to get a star

大奥の殿様をみよう!/Meet the Edo lord in Ooku Hallway
(30 and 星 GET!)

    Go travel and check out the "タイムトラベル/Time Travel" and see the Edo Era and visit the Ooku Hall Way just like in Ameba Picoアメーバ. Many people always go here and you really have to wait for long and have a patience.

バブルでうわさの3人と踊ろう!/Let's Dance together with SDM
(30 and 星 GET!)

    Go "タイムトラベル/Time Travel" and visit バブル時代 ディスコ/Bubble Era Disco. Dance with other Piggs or watch and wait for 10 people until the SDM Appear.

Étoile Sisters with SDM

王家の基謁見しょう!/Meet the Pharaoh
(30 and 星 GET!)

    See the "タイムトラベル/Time Travel" and visit the tomb in Egypt. Go inside the Pyramid, just like in Pico. When you reached the Pharaoh's grave, just sit there and wait for it to open to get a star.

火山噴火を見よう!/Watch Volcano Explosion
(30 and 星 GET!)

    Just like on Pico, Visit the volcano and wait for the explosion to get a star!

カリブ海でクラーケンと戦おう!/Team up and beat the monster
(30 and 星 GET!)

    Beat up the monster just like in Ameba Pico! 10 Piggs should shoot using the cannon to make the monster mad to get a star!

ラスベガスのピグカジノの前で噴水ショーを見よう!/Watch the Fountain show at Pigg Casino at Las Vegas
(30 and 星 GET!)
    This is the hardest Challenge. Mostly, you really have to wait for 100people waiting and sometimes, when it's over 100, you can't able to have your waiting count downs so, you really need patience. They say, the show is every 15minutes so when you entered the Las Vegas to see the fountain, you really have to wait until it started. Good Luck!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


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Wish I could Join ur family in pico. . . :D

miku hatsune said...

When i do the start for the send the buddy to pigg thingy (number 1) I dont get a star and it gives me a message o.o

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