Matt  Étoile, the 20th Étoile joined together with Happy Clover a.k.a Neko-Reborn-É last March 23, 2011 had just quitted our family after 45 days for good just an hour past.

    It was really sad when someone is leaving a group/clan/family... Yes, it doesn't mean that you can't be friends anymore... but it's sad because he can't be  a part anymore.

    I was AFK at Bry's room when I received a whisper from him and I knew what he's going to say. I knew it and he said I guessed it right. "It's not that you did something bad or something but I want to go back ..." he said, and I told him that I don't want him to leave our family... because that was the promise and he's sorry from breaking it and also, I told him that, if it is his decision and can't be change anymore... I will support him even though it's sad. I called the online Étoiles and Matt announced it. It was so sad because it's so sudden and I never expected he'll leave the family.

"To Matt,

    Thank you for being part of Étoile Family! That was great~

    I never thought that you will join too when Sora joined Étoile Family... You surprised me! I didn't expected that! We're going to miss yah special Cat and Chu I think. I knew that they used to talk with you. Thank you for the supports you've given to us. And we're going to miss yah! :'( Hope that you won't forget us.:( Specially the time you started joining the family.

-É Family"

    So from this day, Official Étoiles will be 28 Picos.

-MaiRie Étoile


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