[Pocket Item] Soap Bubble and Soap Bubble Machine!

    Hello Guys! Have you already heard the news? Thomas had just announced the newest pocket items on the Ameba Pico Official Blog! Me and my twin, MaiRie were having fun playing with them! Bubbles makes me feel the essence of Spring! It is the best!

    Well, there are two types of these bubble stuffs! The first one is what Mai used, Soap Bubble and the other one is the Soap Bubble Machine!

    If you are a face book user, you can have this items for only 2 weeks by simply sending your facebook friends a request and wait for them to accept it! When they accepted it already, you'll be able to get the items for free!

    And the second one is Soap Bubble Machine. You can buy this item for only 80AG (Can't use token). Check out the shop at the bottom of your screen and see the "Others" section and you'll be able to see this item.


    I hope you'll enjoy. Have a nice spring life!
-MiaRi Étoile


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