Yeah, it wasn't a double date together with my sis. But yeah, I went there with my prom date, BryWIJ Étoile who were seemed to asked my sis but then, Neko asked her first so he didn't had any choice but... me? =_=

~You raise me Up~

     Well, my first-ever-prom with my first-ever-prom-date  and my first-ever-prom-dance was great! I danced there together with Bry while the girl's band there were performing and theyr band were good! Bry was good in too dancing! Can you believe it? He raised me up XD And yeah, it was sooo good! I hope my next-year's-prom with my next year's-prom-date is good too! I can't wait for it!

-MiaRi Étoile
Ameba Pico Prom Photocontest 2011 Entry


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