Étoile Search 2011

     After 5 months closing our family, we are opening it once again for a month! Étoile members are currently 25 picos now. We are going to find 1-5 more picos to complete us and make it 30!!! The Étoile search will be an interview like. This is actually White's idea. Every video will be watched and judged by all Étoiles fairly so even you ask please, means, it wont work. This will be a FAIR search and esides, we made this event quite hard to minimize the applicants since it might be hard to manage. This event will end on November 22,2011 and the chosen Picos will be announce on Étoile Anniversary!

É Rules :

★ Must be Loyal
(In other wods, you can't join other pico family but clans/groups, it's fine)
☆ Must be Proud
★ We must be added on Facebook.

How to join:

☆ Like our page http://www.facebook.com/Etoile.Sisters/
★ Take a Video of the while recording the following information of you and upload it on youtube and response to this video : Étoile Search 2011
☆ On the description of your video. Put there your Pico name.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
For Facebook Users, you can upload your video or post your video link here: (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=190123711066049)
For non-Facebook users but have youtube account, Upload it on youtube and make a response to this video (http://youtu.be/6Z2qus_sTLM)

Information we need:

☆ Put your Pico name (Make sure you won't change it, because we will be checking the name after the search)
★ Country (real country/state)
☆ VIP Number/PRB high number (if you are a member)
★ Who are your buddies in Étoile family.
☆ Why do you want to join our family?
     -tell your reason or story.. how did you know us..how u feel.. something like that xD
★ If you have pictures with us, feel free to put it as well! If you don't have, well, we don't mind :)
☆ You can also add more information/stuffs like ur age, your room. your favorite dress,favorite decor.. what's with our family, what do you think of our family,.. Anything! Just do it on your way.

Things to remember:

☆ Only YOU, on the video, answering the things we wanted to know.
★ Make sure that you own everything you are going to show.
☆ Please do answer everything in the "information we need"
★ You may put designs on your video, JUST MAKE SURE it's clear and we could read it well
☆ Please use English language
★ Feel free to add back ground music on your video! It depends on you which you're comforted :)
☆ By joining this search means, you are agree with the simple Étoile rules.
★ Étoiles will NOT going to add buddies while this event is ongoing. -  Don't ask why.
☆ Make sure we could see your talk well, ZOOM IT IN.
★ Make sure that ur video is in "Public" so that eveyrone. every Étoile  can watch it.


★ No recorder? Download CamStudio or HyperCam here!
    -if you are lazy to download, you can just take pictures and make it as a video when you edit it on your video maker.
☆ I don't have video Maker!
    -if you are using Windows, check out on your start> All programs> Windows Movie Maker
    -you can also use online movie maker
★ I don't have any idea how to make the vid!
    -we will be posting a sample vid soon, just caml down ;)
☆ OMG! What to wear?
    -Anything. Your own style.
★ I'm having a hard time ti make vid ;(
    - you can use pictures and do slide show ^^
☆ Got more Questions? Ask us here! (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=190123711066049&context=create)


-Étoile Sisters
É Royal Family
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi É


Angella Fatima Larassati said...

waw mai and mia i done dowload hypercam :D .
when to make his video and i want in to Étoile thx

by ID : ●mαηggα●

Radziah said...
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Radziah said...

Here :))
Pico ID - Rahman ♥ , Oαкly and W U W U T Meow :)

Ameba Pico Bear said...

I like to join your family but my problem is I'm the owner of Ameba Pico Bears
I don't know if I can leave my page or not :(
My fans don't want too but since from the start I really want to join your family

Lovingly yours: Heidi

Suju Lover said...

My Video:

My Pico ID: ๖ۣۜSuJu

I'll Cross my fingers for this.
Love you forever~ <3

ღуυмι уσσηαღ said...

omgee. i cant wait. except i havent started mine yet because of slow internet. can you please tell me when the last day is? and currently there is a maintenance so yeah.
thanks :D

ღуυмι уσσηαღ said...

and is it ok if we are not black for the casino card and not really awesome and rich like you guys? cause im a gold casino card and im not rich only like a tiny bit. and im asian. and i have look really different to you guys. :(

Roxy's Studio said...
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Roxy's Studio said...


Mandy said...

There will be another search later on right?

i've always looked up to the Étoile family because it's really hard to find nice picos now-a-days...

i'm similar to ღуυмι уσσηαღ,not a mega richie,
and close to getting a black card

it's a lot of pressure because everyone in the Étoile family is very very rich, and all i can do is spending the whole day worrying about not being able to fit in

don't have enough courage to join, because of lack of confidence:(

in other words, still preparing myself._.

and i believe everybody is doing the same thing too

hope there will be another Étoile search

with love,

ps:i've tried to join the slot club, but it's been like...2 days already, i still didn't get any reply:(
does that mean i didn't made it in or just simply he didn't go on pico for 2 days?

gemma jaundrill said...

i know i'm not special like you guys im just a nobody so if u give me this chance to be in the Étoile family i would be very grateful because then i might be a somebody.:Dxx

gemma jaundrill said...

please write back soon :Dxx

Roxy's Studio said...

Mandy me too. I'm earning C$ and Gummies and waiting my parents give me Ameba Gold.And i was preparing at the time will i join Etoile. And i wish that it will be making again and again(Etoile Search.)Dx

This Otaku said...

Is Etoile Search every year??

cawi the Bwaby Kyu~ said...

MAI ! MIA ! please make another etoile search 2012 ! )): I want to be part of u guys... last time u make this family search 2011... i was late to join the event and i won't be able to be one of ya guys... but since this is 2012... i want u guys to make an etoile search again ): please... i want my dreams to be come true... tht's all.. i just want to be somebody like u guys )':

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