Mia is Back!

    Hello everyone! After 4 days I'm finally back! Exam is done and I'm finally free. Also, I'll be super active these up coming 2 weeks since, Mai wil lbe busy for her school activities, exam and practices. So let's cheer up for her! How about everyone? Is your exam already finished? I hope you did well because I did everything I can! If your exam is not year finish and you're still preparing for it. Well I'm hoping for the best results!


Focus now on your studies. Ameba Pico can be played anytime but examination can't be answer for 2nd time. So you must do your best and make your parents proud so that you wont hear any words from them.

    How Mai? Well, I think she already got home but I'm not sure if she can online that much. Like what I say, I might be active for 2 weeks and possibly gonna use her account. She just got back to her city from the school excursion and this up coming week will be her preparation for exam and then practice for her speech. Yeah, such a busy person and I'm so happy I'm not XD

    Oh well, Let's PLAY Pico Together!

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


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