The Good Shepered

    I just got home and I'm very tired due with some stuffs I did today in real life. I went online and saw hot30 rankings... and I'm currently on hot21 right now. YAY (So easy to enter ;3

    Well, my dad, White! visited me and tell a story to me and my twinnie. This is based to a real story :) And believe that there are still good people around ;D

    Before he got home from work, he was with his cousin, eating at the restaurant. There was a girl who left talking to someone on her cellphone and left her attachecase behind. His cousin told him to get the bag and check what inside of it. He did what his cousin told him to and when he opened the bag, it was money worth 2,000,000.00 PHP. Yes, money worth 2 million. He was really surprised and never expect that he would saw a bag with a money in it worth too much.

    He find the girl around the mall, run everywhere until he saw her, crying. He held the bag back to the lady, who forgot the money.

     You see, everything we see and get doesn't really mean it is meant for us. Things we encounter to our life are all trials and we always have two choices. The narrow road but we would success and wide road that we might fail at the end or good and bad. We don't always have to chose the way which is really easy for us even though at the end, we would regret. You always have to think that everything are trials and it's up to us to choose our own ways.

-MaiRie Étoile


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Good White :D

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