MaiRie on Pigg

    Hello Everyone! This is me on Ameba Pigg (アメーバピグ) the Japanse and Original version of Ameba Pico. I am マイリエ★エトワール there, and that's the Katakana of my name of Ameba Pico.

    I've been playing Pigg for long but not as active as I am on Ameba Pico. Well, I used to play it and I found it more fun. Yeah, I like to chat with people specially the users from the other countries.

    Right now, I'm practicing doing the fishing there on Ameba Pigg. And to tell you the truth, I find it hard. >< That's why, when I don't have anything to do in Pico... I play Pigg.



*Note*My blog is written in Japanese

-MaiRie Étoile


kemas said...

ameba pigg more cool but i cant speak japan..lol....so a little awkward hohoho

Etoile Sisters said...

We're going to post more to help! :D

Sarah said...

i like to play pigg...but i don't know how to speak japanese.

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