Meet the Golden Panda!

    I was checking the new items in Pigg this morning when I saw someone looks so different. 

   Yeah, him... he`s Pigg nickname seiji☆★ but you can't see him on search unless you put his Pigg ID. Well he's an artist in Japan under the production of Alice. So I'm not going to put his Pigg ID here or any information about him here in public because there might be some rules for them. So.... sorry ><

    So yeah... this is my first time seeing a Golden Panda and it's really cute! When I got a chance to see it, I'll definitely buy ! x3 I like items that are rare :D Well, I don't have any idea how much this Golden Panda cost and where/when to see them.. Or it might be for the Japanese Celebrities who play Ameba Pigg. Well I'm not really sure... when I had a time to know more about Golden Panda.. I'm going to publish it! :D

 (Neko Étoile, MiaRi Étoile(me!), YaSuo Étoile, Miyuki Étoile
Yumi Étoile and MaiRie Étoile)

     And by the way, this is us in Ameba Pigg. while we were gathering inside the Étoile Room. Yeah, we have a group there... so if you have Pigg.. feel free to visit our place and join! :) Everyone is welcome!

Other Étoiles who plays Ameba Pigg:
iDomo Étoile
Maron Étoile
Cat Étoile
Chu Étoile
Jessica Étoile
BryWIJ Étoile
-MiaRi Étoile


EilFort--pigg said...

I think i see Indy Etoile in Etoile Royal accademy :/

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