Meet なつー It's been a while since I played Ameba Pico together with  my Best Friend in real. Well, she's the one who asked me to play ameba pico with her until I get addicted. She doesn' play much like me since she's so busy!


    I was AFK in my room when I saw them inside my room waiting for me together with 3ray! YAY! Well, they always come to my room w/o saying anything and wait if I'm AFK. They are so nice :">

That's 3ray, MaiRie (me),


    Well, My Love ones~ We had a picture taking inside my room 3 after I gathered them and checked their casino cards... thinking that I have to update our Casino Cards Page. Wew! LOTS OF WORKS! But still, I'm enjoying :D

    By the way, to all our readers. We're really thankful that you're reading our blog posts and some leave their comments even though mostly... it's about me and my sister's pico life. Some are about Étoiles and Friends but still, we are posting Ameba Pico's Updates. Well, starting tomorrow... my school will start and I think I can't be online like these past 2 weeks-it was my spring vacation- and I think I am going to be busy and last week, sis was on vacation that's why our Face Book wasn't updated last time. So since my twin sis is the one who's assigned to update our Page on Facebook and I'm the one (MaiRie/Mai) who always update this blog, I'm going to try to post normaly... like daily for you all :D For the ones who's enjoying our blog.

    Well, that's all I can say for now. Thank You!

-MaiRie Étoile


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