I didn't talk to Clover for like 2 days and we never meet though. Then, when I saw him onlined... I hurriedly run to his room to say hi but then, my friend called me for emergency to I had to leave. After that, I was with Bry and Maron talking inside Mia's house and then suddenly, Bry told my that Clover made an event.

    OMG! Clover is quitting pico~ NO-----------!!! TT_TT We've been with him when he's online since the time we became friends and then now... he's leaving?! D: NO WAY! One of Étoiles is quitting pico?!

    So yeah, his close friends went there (not just them) and they were talking to him. So I just message him so that we could talk faster. I asked him his reason why he's quitting and I do understand him. But it's really sad D: When he's busy talking with his friends

    Zye called me and he introduced me his someone-special  and we had a talk about something. From that time, people were lessen and then only Zye, Mocha, Bry, Maron, Clover and Me left. Instead of saying good bye.. they talked about Dota(an online game that boys really like =__=) and they were like 'Let's play Dota!' Gosh... Play dota instead on his Farewell party?! <- quoted from Clover but he also wanted to play Dota with Bry and Zye. They talked a lot about games as well as Clover is making a countdown for his last minute =_= Until Clover went silent and Zye called me that Clover needed a CPR xD. Lol. So I CPR-ed him and he's alive and said...

"I think I'm not quitting Pico Anymore"



    But there's no Happy Clover anymore... Happy Clover is gone... but Neko is Back(well that was his name before)! Yes! His new pico name is Neko-Reborn. Still, I'm glad that he's not quitting anymore XD

-MaiRie Étoile


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