Here's the latest news about Nightmare

    Nightmare was known as a hacker of Ameba Pico's HOT30 rankings. It was a tragic with his victims while the Picos were doing their best to go up and get a rank. But he still helped some users who were at the HOT30 that time to go up and maintain their rankings and most of them use the chance to get popularity-depends on you if you'll believe or not. At the same time, some of the Pico users who were in Hot30-after Nightmare stopped on hacking- hacked the other rooms' favorites to scare them and stop on making events.

See here to my previous post about him.

    Some says, it's just Ameba Pico's error and some believes about "Nightmare the hacker". After everything happened, the hacking of favorites has been fixed by Ameba Pico staffs for the fair play and now, everything is back to normal. But where is Nightmare now?

    Want the answer? He's banned and there is no more Nightmare anymore. But still, we don't know.

    Last time, there is a Facebook hacking issue and one of my friends, an iTribe member was a victim. So now, let us be careful because we don't know what would happen. Believe it or not, everything is possible.

    About me on Hot30 rankings now. Yes I'm back there but I can't say that I could maintain that, I'm very busy in real life. I have to do many things everyday in my life. lol

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


★εα+Fⓞⓞd★ said...

I've met nightmare before, HE is very nice some people can believe Him, some people can't beleive him,
-Some people beleive him because he is nice.
-Some people Can not beleive him because he still know's he can hack again

~Emoneko~ said...

Hes back.
My friends been hacked by him.
Everything gone.
Hes operating under another name.
Im trying to find it now

Eternal said...

believe it or not, i met nightmare once, hes really nice, way nicer than i expected

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