While waiting for Ameba Pico's maintenance. I played pigg with MaiRie and finished the count down in Pigg Casino. I don't know how it is called but there is an event right now.

    I finished the "win 100,000c$" for three times and I got 500,000c$ from Ameba Pigg Casino. From 11,000c$, I had about 600,000c$ awhile ago, But then, I used it on shopping, buying stuffs/clothes from casino and I spent like 200,000 in total :O

    Then after I went shopping, we went at the newest park on pigg. Heart Rock! Yes, it is the Heart Rock of Ameba Pico. Pigg also adopted it too~ Yay!! :D and I really like their stadium.

    And then after, we went back in Ameba Pico and I saw the newest updates. Items on sale! But then, I can't buy... it saids there.. 'not in stock'.

is it possible for Ameba Pico items
become 'out of stock'?

-MiaRi Étoile


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