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アメーバI Just Started Ameba Picoアメーバ

     It's been a year since I started Ameba Pico. I wasn't a gamer but I was a blogger. I'm only used to blog everyday when I use internet or make a website. My best friend annats encouraged me to play this game with them and I was known as MaiRie and my 2nd account known as MiaRi

    I was a newbie and I know nothing about this game. I always wonder of everything specially about the AG, where to buy and I don't really know the updates. I used stay at Japanese Park that time with my best friend and meet other people - doki! (Lady Doki!) Trizha, Nadjia, ☆ディナー ジョイ☆dina and  Anthoni- until I get interested with the game called Reversi.


     I was completing the stars of my challenge card and it made me interested with this game than the others. I always loose that and and I can't really understand the rules-regarding that I didn't read the rules, cuz I don't really do that :P- and just aiming for 100 wins.

    My friend ☆ディナー ジョイ☆dina -who I met in Japanese Park 1- was the one who taught me on how to play this game. From the time I learned the rules and techniques, I always play this game every time I go online on Ameba Pico. My friends became interested with this game as well and play with me too. I wanted to become a Grand Master and to be called as GM that's why I always stay in the Reversi place. And then, I met Fuzamo, Ⓒⓗⓡⓨⓢⓞⓑⓔⓡⓡⓨⓛ. nuu, Jusun and became friends. They were my good friends at reversi. They help me play the game and become better, specially fuzamo-who were famous in Reversi-indo that time. I  also met Mako chan who I never beat on this game (he stopped playing pico already),Purapura a grand master from japan. They made me inspired to do better until I reached my dream and became a Grand Master.

    The first GM I beat was Pirats Jack S and the first GM I beat when I'm already a GM was [xyz]*aKeYra.

    I used to help new people who doesn't know reversi and one of them are Eunice <3, ニュウ★ニュウ / RheamMi (MiaRi Étoile) and Henry (YaSuo Étoile) at Reversi and became friends.


    There were so many changes in Pico while time passes when I'm busy playing in reversi. Ameba Pico window changed, new items, had prom, room contests, new ag items, new places, hosting events, hot 30 rankings, happy oliver events, casino and so on and so fort!


    I get used with the style, I got new items, I bought bet, I went to prom, I joined room contest, visit new places, I hosted an events, I met happy oliver, I played casino and I entered Hot 30.

(First iTribe members)

    November 1, 2010. I was in Tagalog Park 2 when I saw people dressing up stone age outfit and  I joined them to have fun. 3ray asked if we want to make a group and that was the time iTribe started.

アメーバHOT 30アメーバ

    It was November 16 when I entered Hot 30 and became in Hot 1 next to Gira after 3 days for 2 weeks. Within those times, I became friends with BryWij DJ (BryWIJ Étoile) Jad Further (Jad Étoile), L 'Heure Bleue (an Étoile before), Steph (MaRie Étoile) and Anna (Anna Étoile) and other users from Hot 30 and my visitors.

(Screen Caption of my Highest Number of Rings and Props 
November 21, 2010. Click here to see the post)

アメーバHappy Oliverアメーバ

     Ameba Pico had another Happy Oliver Campaign last November 24, 2010 for three days at the newest park, Night Club for the third/fourth time. Click Here to see the Admin Post.
    Yasuo was the one who called me -while I was busy in my room making an event- Happy Oliver that is there at the server where he was staying that time. I went there as soon as possible and I had to wait for 18 people before I entered.
    There were so many people inside the Server 1/Night Club green and it was too lag. I even thought that I can't props him because I thought that his profile won't load fast and maybe he poof just after his profile loaded. But then, it opened as soon as  soon as I clicked him. I was the 161st pico who propsed him.

     The next day, when I opened my pico, I saw my AG increased and I hurriedly check the updates-First Day’s Happy Lucky Winners are…?!- and wow!

    My name is written there! I really can't believe it. I was really jumping in real life and telling my friends that I won. It was really a "happiness" for me. I never thought that I would win with the contest. Be cause the last time, summer times... Pico also had a campaign and I saw him for 5 times but I didn't won :(

アメーバÉtoile Familyアメーバ
    Many people were asking us if they can join Étoile family -while I was in Hot30- even though it doesn't really exist. Only me and my twinnie, ニュウ★ニュウ/RheaMi a.k.a MiaRi Étoile who were Étoiles that time. Until, we got bored and I made an event to have a family-randomly, unofficial- to kill our boredom. That was the time when we met Steph(MaRie Étoile) and Anna(Anna Étoile) who are official Étoiles now. -Check the post Here.

    At the same time, BryWIJ and I have a secret group for AG users only. One of the members were Henry(YaSuo Étoile), Doki! (Lady Doki!) and Jad (Jad Étoile). Until I decided to make a Étoile Family with the current members of our secret group and that's the time everything started.

Character History★。゜*

Room History★。゜*
(Room 1 Only)

MaiRie Étoile


MiaRi Étoile


    I'm really thankful what I have now. A Twin who's always there for me and never leave me. Étoile family, my family here in Ameba Pico who always supports me. iTribe, the group which I really stayed for long. And other friends who always make me smile.

    Right now, I really can't believe that I'm playing this game for long. I would say that, I met so many people already and most of them are still my friends until now. I already experienced so many things. And these days, I usually play Pico X Pigg at the same time. Casino, Fishing, Hosting events and blogging.

-MaiRie Étoile

    It's quite early for me to celebrate my 1 year in Ameba Pico. Supposedly it is on May 12. Well, many things happened to me in my pico life, specially when I met Mai at reversi and time passed by, I started being as Mai's twin. I'm really thankful that she's my twin. She helped me  lot already and we never fight. Everything changed when I became an Étoile, and Étoile Family existed. I love them so much~

-MiaRi Étoile

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-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


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nothing is impossible.. but now.. we decided not to accept new members D:

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it make my heart BEAT in the 1st when ur still newbie :> even though when u are newbie i felt like that too... please please add me :) i have AG though i can give you ^^ using my load :) Hinata--Éloite

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Dami Tao XD

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"My best friend annats encouraged me to play this game with them and I was known as MaiRie and my 2nd account known as MiaRi"

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