HOT 30

CONGRATULATIONS TO pogiman™, the 6th HOT01 USER!

    pogiman™ is the new HOT01 pico user after me since yesterday! has a very simple house :D He host lots of events that`s why he beat me. This guy is one of my awesome friend, I met him loong time ago  :D I couldn`t believe that It`s him and not jusun(cause I tried to help him to be the HOT01). So please support his house!

(Etoile Sisters` Fans and MaiRie`s Room`s Fans)

This is one of the messages I recieved

    I received lots of pm about this, starting when I became in HOT30. Well guys, don`t feel sad...for me? Or something upset or what ever. Remember: HOT30 is about the count of the favorites if your room in a short time. And I`m fine if I`m not in Hot01 or even in Hot30. Last time, I just wanted to share my house, specially Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland because I knew it`s unique. It just happened that I became HOT01after GIRA because I host lots of event. These days, I`m getting tired.. you`ll know it if you`re in HOT30 specially  in HOT 3s. It`s actually tiring. I sleep always late and usually woke up(automatically) in midnight around 4am and can`t sleep anymore. My back is tired too and besides, my examination is near... So I have to be more focus.
    But you know guys... seeing this kind of messages in my board, or receiving  lot`s of private messages makes me feel happy. It makes me think like  "I don`t have to be HOT01if they love my room like this". Actually, I feel that my room is number one in your hearts. And I`m happy with that. I`m really contented! As long as I have your support.

    Well, if you want me to be the HOT01 again... please keep supporting me, specially... I`m making another design in my Room2. Don`t miss it on December! :D


    Pure already got her 9th trick!! BACK FLIP. I`m really enjoying doing the Back Flip together with her. It`s so fun :D I really love Pure!!


     pogiman™ ! A guy with special ability with something *************************... I won`t tell ya! We`ll pogiman™ always help me with ************************* (secret :P) I met him long time ago and I really enjoy talking to him because he`s also full of jokes :D It`s been a while since he played Ameba Pico(I think, because I often see rarely see him) since he started playing Ameba Pigg. Well, he`s always invisible and I don`t know if he`s online or not unless he pm me. This guy`s house is now in HOT01! Please support him and I would love that^^

Happy Oliver and MaiRie Etoile
(HOME) :3


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can i ask you? how to add "go to pico" sign? please? thank you!

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