Another Special Day :)

    Well, I made a new friend again! Dj brywij! He visited my house and he liked it :D He asked me to take a picture so... here :D I`ll show you. It was actually fun!

(While I`m dancing La Picorena and he dance Twist)

Today`s User:


    Well, I just met him today... but maybe he visited my house in these past few days. I was dancing La Picorena and he joined me and said "Hey MaiRie, take a pic" so we had a pic (at the top) while we were dancing. He told me that he have the DJ thingy on his house and asked me to visit it so,.. yeah.. 

    Lol! I want that too! But the Pink one! I hope I have many golds now D: I told him that... I`m a burglar and gonna take his DJ desk away and put it on my house and then he bring out a sword :)) and so I change to a ninja and he wad a little battle :)) And that was fun! Until we ended on rapping there. I`m was DJ MaiRie Etoile !! lol

    Also, I visited CyberAngent`s house. He`s my friend loooong time ago. I saw him at Japanese Park1 and he`s advertising his house like: "Visit my house! See Donald Duck and Stitch!" so I visited it and it was cute! and I was surprised that he already got the tiger :O

    But too baaad. He already destroyed his cute house D: I`m gonna missed it soo much! I used to burn his Donald Duck D: But, I can`t wait to see his new design! Gonna post it here again in our blog when he finished it!
(Knokin` on heaven`s door )

Special Thanks to:

☆Hello Kitty☆ 
for helping me expanding my room! Now, I`m gonna work on it! I`ll make you all surprise again :D



Fish said...

May I join the family? I believe I am very capable. I'm not a AG user. Be on your way. . .

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