Night Club!

    Me and my Lil Sis, MiaRi Etoile went at Pico`s new place! It was fun to have disco with friends! I danced at the center and ♡‿♥Aйgⓔ†Jⓐd♥‿♡, Blee and new friend, Edwin*.and OPTIGAN 1  Joined me. We danced so hard there! 

    My sis do the DJ and OPTIGAN 1rapped. While I dance at the center together with Edwin* and ♡‿♥Aйgⓔ†Jⓐd♥‿♡, They do the break dance and they almost break the dance..i mean the floor... AHAHAHA! You see, the color of the floors are different :)) told ya!

    Now, Let me introduce to you my new friend. I met him today at the disco together with MiaRi while taking some pictures together with ♡‿♥Aйgⓔ†Jⓐd♥‿♡ and he joined us. I was really surprised when he noticed me and said something about the Hot30 thingy. And then I was like, O__O. He told me that he`ve been in my house 4 or 5 days ago. He`s really nice, actually. Even thought we just met today, he helped me a lot :D Now, I can already dance the "La Picorena"(I`ve been wanting this dance since last prom, but I don`t have AG that time.. and I wasn`t able to buy it TT__TT) and yeah..he helped me. And also, our first pet were a Black Cat too! We`re same~ahaha

Here`s some pictures of us while dancing at the Disco:

He`s really the Hero of my day ;___;! I`m so thankful I met him ^^. Well, he`s just a Crazy Man... I`m Crazy too...! ahaha! It`s just that Today is my 16th and 1 month birthday! What a present XD

    Also, this is the first time I saw the action when the owner rides the tortoise :O!! When I saw it.. I felt like... I want to have the tortoise too. But NO! I have to be patient... I want the white tiger even thought its so expensive and kind of impossible for me to to save c$100,000 *cries

Please visit RING->FAVE his simple house too!

Edwin* Room ๑◕ܫ◕๑

    Please Visit his room and Ring->Favorites. You`ll see his blue tortoise and panda. Please props him too when you see this nice guy :D


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