[Ameba Pigg]How to Get Ameba Gold

    Hello guys! Now, you can get Ameba Gold on Ameba Piggアメーバ through Credit Card! This is one of the demanded request from everyone, our readers so now I'm gonna teach you how to do it :)

     First of all, you have to go to this side https://gold.ameba.jp/charge.do to buy Ameba Gold. *Please take note that this website is 100% safe and not a scam. As you can see, it's officially from ameba.jp

     Next step is, click the green button you can see on the left side when you scroll down.

    Then, you have to choose the amount of the Ameba Gold you wanted to buy. If you don't know the currency of yen to your country money. Just click on this site to check the the currency.

Click the image to enlarge

    And don't forget to 'Check' the small box to agree with the terms and conditions before continuing  process. Then Click the big button to continue and enter your Credit Card Number.

    Enter the information of your Credit Card and click the Purchase button to end the process.

Have a Great Pigg Life!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile x MiaRi Étoile


jeanne lois said...

Hi when your like on different Country like philipines,canada, and etc... will it convert?

Lisa1051 in CP said...

When my dad tried it today, it didn't work. We live in the USA and I think that's the problem: Japan is on the other side of the world.

sahid said...

Its really awesome try more ,

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