Perfect Loser

    Well, well, well... I posted a very clear proofs on our blog a while ago and it's so surprising that he still got the 'guts' to depend himself. I thought everything is going to be fine after my previous post 'cuz I just said it's up to our readers to decide. But wow, He replied.

    If you gonna check his blog, its obviously that he's depending himself. Haha! *RenjheneI*, you're really stubborn one. Were you trying to answer and all of the proofs I did? Well, you're really a noob. But I'm happy 'cuz you're describing your self so good and so right through your posts. Framing? oh? no, that's not really framing 'cuz its obvious. I'm just saying the truth. And why do you have to depend yourself like that? Haha! You're really messing up with us huh? Who believe in you anyway? You're putting everything in a opposite way like you can.

     Well, about the proofs you're saying on your blog are not really enough. And you weren't able to post your evidences? Wow, I feel sorry for you loser ^^ You said nothing but FRAME. Haha. It's your fault because you weren't careful with your moves. You should've planned it well so that I can get you so easy like this.

    What's with that cheap floor that can be buy through token? You're making it a big deal? Maybe you just bought it as soon as you see my post. Don't tell me you gonna say "how am I going to buy if I don't have 80 ag? I just got 22!". Well, what's the use of TOKEN?

   So, you're saying it happened in your house? When did Mai go to you're house using her real account? Haha! you saying that she went there yesterday too? I think you're really insane. You're so obvious! I think this is the proof #12 shows how you lie. And so you mean you changed your floor when or before she go into YOUR ROOM and talk there? And you change it back to the original flooring of your house when she's gone? As I know you were using the original flooring of the of your room wall. It just proves that you're the liar one! Not US!

    Say sorry? Yeah, you should say sorry not just to us, but to the picos you've fooled. You're doing too much. Also, we don't like to post these non sense stuffs on our blog. 

"'I don't really hate you.'
100% True.
Hate is a strong word. Can I remind veiwers what we were talking about then? Your sister said 'Do you hate me' And I said 'No'.
Hating is one thing. I don't particulary LIKE you, but hate is such a strong word. It's better than:
     Awe? Now, you're the one who's mad? Look *RenjheneI*, you're the one who's arguing. We are cool here and just laughing at you? You gonna call it mean? Haha, I bet not just Étoiles are laughing at you as well as others too. That 100% true you  trying to prove with your fake evidences are proves of your failures. You're not just accusing my sis but you also copied her. And you just said Hate is a strong word. Now you gonna say you going to kill? Who? Me or MaiRie? Haha! Stop it already. My sis and I already talked about what you did.and anything you're going to do is useless.

    Well, *RenjheneI*, if you are going to post more fake evidences, fail defenses that proves your lies. Don't expect us to mind you every time. Thank you for ruining our Pico life for a day!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


Lolita Sisters said...

I love this post !!

AngelaDomo said...

hehe, his such a noob ;D

Marty ™ said...

I got a question, if he lies, not saying he is, but why did he lie that you did it in the frst place? were you mean to him from the first time you met or you insult him, to make him lie that you hacked him?

Etoile Sisters said...

How come I became mean? Cuz I rejected him to be an etoile? That's the only thing I'm doing some feel bad but some understand. I can't remember insulting someone? And May 6, friday.. I'm busy on that day (MWF) and i spend my whole time with etoiles.

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