Congratulations to Prom King and Queens!

Congratulations to the
Prom 2011 Queen and King!

Chosen by Chloe


Pico ID: DoLL♡
    Yes~ Biglets! They are so cute haha! Reminds me of me and my twin~ Oinkoink! They are so cute! They got the lovely nose and pinky ears haha!

 Pico ID: B u b u

     This is actually sweet! The guy looks like our friend, Derie haha but I think he's not. It's such a nice thing that there's still a guy that treats his girl in a nice way, yes... as a princess :)

  Pico ID: ◕ 4nj4_FbU ◕

     This is sooo cool! They really rock! I love stars and blue~ These two are so cute! I wish I had a chance to dance with them XD
 Pico ID: Barbie♡мαкίyσ☆

     I think, this is actually the pose creative one! Btw, Aren't they quadruples? Lol They just have different hair styles but same faces! I like this one too ^0^

 Pico ID: Akari Ichiban♡
      Wow! Isn't she having a concert there?! I wish I heard her sing! I love music ^0^ She's so cute and have a great smile!

 Chosen by Thomas

Pico ID: $εαя¢н»
I saw this when I was browsing the photos
and I actually thought that this will win!
It actually reminds me of the Valentine Photo Contest
Someone won this is kind of style! ;)


Awwe, it's so sweet! They are holding their hands *0* I wish I was able to hold my prom date's hand too >0< But well, it was Bry. We are not really dating haha!

Pico ID: ѕє¢яєт ѕнα∂σω

      He actually got a nice glasses! He seem enjoying with the band their in prom! Maybe he was listening Akari Ichiban♡'s sing that time? :O


Pico ID: Bii-

     Cool! This reminds of our picture in prom last time when we were entering the hall! OMG! I'm going to miss this prom! REALLY! T0T

Pico ID: BâKêrz

      And last but not the least, Congratulations this guy! Wow, he danced with us too! And I'm feeling so great to see him so happy, dancing with us! Thank you :)

     The winner's pictures are really great! And I think Chloe and Thomas chose the right ones! Well, even we didn't won in the contest. Still, I will never forget this year's prom! It was fun!

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


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