I was busy fixing our blog and checking some pigg updates when I heard the Pico Notice sound effect. Someone messaged me and...


     I didn't really expect that I'll be receiving a message from him! Yes! Fuzamo! Well, if you are familiar with him, he was on my previous post, 1st Year on Ameba Pico. Fuzamo is actually my old friend! I used to be with him and his friends when I used to play reversi, when we met... where I met my old friends same with, MiaRi and Yasuo Étoile.

    Well, actually Fuzamo is not that active anymore and we didn't saw each other for long! even talk! It's like for about  months already~ So yeah! I didn't expect that I'll be receiving a message from here today. It was really surprising and I missed him so much! We had a very small talk just checking if we're both fine. I asked him if we could play reversi but he said no and he have to practice haha! I told him that I don't play anymore and I think its fine. But then he seemed so busy and after I added him as buddy, he had to go and seems like he's so busy hahaha.

-MaiRie Étoile


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