Étoile Egg Contest

    I was surprised seeing Jean Royal Étoile onlined today :O Well, yes I know, he said he'll just lessen the time on playing Ameba Pico. But still, I'm happy seeing him around! Also, it's been a while since we're together again.. I've been busy these days with the previous issue I faced and I wasn't able to give time to them. That's why I gave them time today specially Jean is around!

    After, Crystal suggested to have a food party so we went there in my room 2 and we had a game. A contest about who will complete their meters first will be receiving a special prize from me!!


    For the first game, our participants are Jean Royal Étoile, MaRie Étoile, Cystal Étoile, Selly Étoile, Rin and DJAvril Étoile. I brought out 100 eggs and the winner, the one who ate 20 eggs first will go in side the Jacuzzi and receive the prize. MaRie actually won that time but she have to off so, I wan't able to give her my special kiss. I think I'm going to give it to her... tomorrow >:D

-MaiRie Étoile


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