Warning to everyone

    Hello guys, I know that most of the players who are used to this game knows everything already but this is still important. No matter what how long you play this game, temptations are temptations that is hard to avoid. There this girl who asked a help to me to warn people so yeah, since, I've been seeing a lot of people experiencing this as well.

    There are lots of desperate pico users who wants there pico to look wealthy which is the reason they get tempted and tricked easily. What was got from this girl maybe just a little amount but, open your mind. This girl is just a student and as what she said it's her pocket money. I just feel bad instead to those people who trick people like her who only think of them selves. Selfish. They didn't even think how their victime would feel like but only think of them selves. To think of it, I more feel pity about the person who victimize people than to the victim.

    I'm not really sure about the person she reported to me, though, I want everyone to be careful who ever it is. You better not trust easily people in pico, in the internet.. in the cyber world. Everything could be fake. I want everyone to be aware. Not just in AG situation but also with other offers not just in pico world but outside of it as well. Maybe next time, you'll lost more than this that you never have expected. Be careful!

    For more updates about situation like this, please like Protect Ameba Newbies. Please also report to me your experiences, they would help people around to be aware as a warn!

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