Fairy Tale

My day is just like a fairy tale

Neko Reborn Étoile, MaiRie Étoile and KenZie Étoile
    After a quite long time on not seeing Neko a.k.a Sora and my lil sis, Kenzie in the game, I finally had a chance to talk with them after number of private chat on facebook. Neko is really busy with his work in real life and other private stuff as well as Kenzie since ever her school started. She have to focus on her studies since she's already in High School.

Eric Étoile, MaiRie Étoile and Neko Reborn Étoile
     For the recent people who just know us, probably you don't know who's Neko, He's Neko Reborn Étoile who was also known Happy Clover/Happy Clover É as Kxtenn/Kxtenn Étoile who was known as 'Zye' in 2010. He was quite known though, being known isn't really his thing so he chose to change his pico and face to be forgotten on behalf of that, someone took his name when he just change it for a while. Bad luck, isn't? Well, people like them in the game is rare... to chose to be forgotten than to be remembered. Well, I think they're mature enough to not to mind it but, I don't want them to be forgotten, I don't want someone to be forgotten. They should be appreciated.

     With our milk. Lol. That is what Neko called my pico daughter, Freúchette ❤ when he knew our relationship. He's Honey, I'm Sugar and she is Milk. Lol. Oh, by the way... for some information, Neko's face here is different, he's actually the Ninja Leaping guy on Youtube: Ameba Pico Leaping#1, Ameba Pico Leaping#2.

    Well, aside from this story, new fairy tale items again on the game!
     Well ,you guys know I love RED. Mia loves blue but she chose RED too. Ahaha!

New Item Collection:
Camelia... don't you think she somewhat resembles to Rose?

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile 


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