Someone Has Spoken

    Finally, someone has spoken. We've been judged for almost two years. After a long while, finally someone tell people, aside from me about her side... Maybe people should know first before believing the fake rumors eh?

Here's a comment of Ayame Étoile/Ayamesan16 on MXM - When I Look at You - Starring: Indy Étoile & Nayumi Étoile

 You know what, I believe with the quotation says

'Rumors are carried by haters,
spread by fools and accepted by idiots'

    From the very first place, I didn't made the family to get 'LOTS' of members and be in fame. Mia and I became Étoile Sisters in October 2010. Then we started the family with Bry in November, but it was only for exclusive members,... mostly our old friends like YaSuo and Doki who were our first members in November 2010. Followed by the random members which Anna and Kenzie/Steph who were only the ones that were serious enough for the family while the others left, disappeared like a bubble. And in the end of year 2010, White joined. Until YaSuo's co-family members in other family (which is forbidden), had a problem and end up broken and they were Rose, Yumi and Miyu who end up joining us. Until Nicky, Cat, Chu, Ayame and others started on joining in 2011. I felt that I didn't really want a big family, I just want a small number of people yet we are one which they wanted to.  So, the tamily closed in May 2011 after Kxtenn, Jean and Selly, who was known as 'The Last Étoile'.

    Yet, I don't know why our family turned out 'known' even though we only have 25 members by that time... so in our Anniversary in 2011, we decided to get 5 more members to at least, give a chance to the other people who wants to be part of us, there the Barons of our family has been chosen, who are Nayumi, Eric, Faith, Ape and Indy after receiving hundreds of entries.

     I don't really want to mention but, when Bry became part of Étoile, he didn't had lots of AG nor scooter or tiger, even the other Étoiles. Only Happy Clover/Neko Reborn Étoile and Zye/Kxtten the members who joined with Escargot already in early 2011. I've known them and became friends for quite long. They were the picos who chose to be forgotten after being known in 2010 and after that step, they joined my family with other pico name to be not be able get noticed by the others who know them. I chose them because I wanted to be the 'one' who will never forget their past and be the one who'll always remember it.

    So let me tell you, once again after many times. Not all Étoiles are wealthy in Ameba Gold, though, I admit that we are all now have escargots. I helped them because at that time, only 6-7 members got Escargot and I wanted them to be the same as me and the others who have it, I want us to be fair, to have one image so we helped each other out.

    That's why I really feel bad with the boastful people around us. Insulting and calling us names. 'We'll beat those Étoiles', 'We're richer than them', 'We all got escargot', 'We are more famous than you!', 'Étoiles are only for AG and Casino rich picos', 'Étoile does mean star in french and they feel like they are a real star', are some of the messages who seems like daring us. Can't you see? People are misunderstanding everything and fooled and carried away by what they see and what they hear.

    Our only wish is not to be judge. Don't just look to us on how you hear and understand the rumor. I don't really want to mention an Étoile as an example to just to mention and point out that, that member isn't wealthy unlike the others. We're just maintaining to have one image in front of lots of people.

    Until now, I don't know why our family is known ever since. But my only dream is to be an inspiration of people which did happened and still happening... and I believe it'll keep on happening. That's why I am doing my best with my family, trying to help through contests ti give prizes in fair way. And through this blog and giving inspiration by being 'our own selves',producing videos and doing our best to be original. I want that 'MaiRie is a Role model in Ameba Pico' to stay after someone named me that in 2010 which is only my wish right now.

☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile
Étoile Royal


Angie Angel said...

i think u(mairie) just think ur the best because ur video editing, means etoiles are arrogant and allways be unfriendly, people say etoiles are kind but i don't think so

mskenia said...

fuck you angie angel. shut up.

Lulu Felicia Hartono said...

Angie... Please don't think bad to MaiRie...She just try the best to make entertain us by making videos. And Etoiles are not arrogant and unfriendly... For me, they are kind, friendly, and soo good... Aren't you see? They make videos just for us and we happy for it...And also, Etoiles gives us information about pico life, Etoile secrets are also usefull for us! In the "Awards" in this blog, I really think that they don't mean arrogant, but they just like want to say "Thank you" to ther fans that always support them...Am I right? And Mskenia, I don't like to you say bad words to Etoile haters...But I want you to give em advice so they know what your true feelings about etoile and I don't want everyone say bad word..

Maybe I say to much but this is all I can say...

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