"In the last few days, my brother White suddenly can't access his Facebook account. We tried resetting his password and such but the results were still the same. The account cannot be accessed. We thought it was just a Facebook glitch and it will soon pass. But we were wrong.

A few hours later, we discovered that his Facebook account had been terminated. Apparently, some LOOSER reported to FB that White’s account was FAKE and FB actually believed it. (-_-;)…. バカFB (you don’t need to read that). As a result, he can no longer access his AMEBA PICOaccount too.

I tried convincing him to create a new one. But all efforts were in vain. He no longer wants to have a new Pico account. I even tried threatening but he said his answer was still no. (TAT) huuu…. It is really too bad.


But anyway, even if White is no longer here, PICO ROCK BAND will still continue to make videos for you guys! THE LEGEND MUST LIVE ON!! \(>w

The shooting for the next video (Skater Boy) will still be on August 27-30. White would still be in the next video of course. But let us consider it as his FAREWELL video. (TAT)…

The contest is still open for those people who want to join. The owners of the TOP 10 FANSIGN Pictures will still included in the next video.

The LIVE CONCERT on August 30 wil stilll proceed as planned. But only Yama-nii and Iwould be there. I will be making an event for this later on. You can check there for further details.

And if you’re wondering who will replace White, well here is good news for you! We shall be conducting a CONTEST for the BEST PRB VOCALIST REPLACEMENT this coming September. So if you aspire to be our vocalist, you better prepare to be one!

Lastly, I hope the dude that reported White D***!!!!

Even if White no longer opens his Pico account, you could still go visit his room! (>w"

 -Ayame Étoile

     This is actually the main reason right now whyour dad, White! Étoile can't online through his account. These past few days, he's using our mom's account, Yellow! Étoile just to see his Ameba Pico friends and to bond with us.

    Still, right now, I can't accept what happened to our dad's facebook account. His pico is fine but he can't online because of his facebook which were reported by someone that it is fake. Right now, I'm not feeling I like facebook anymore, what they did is actually too much and I can say, it was careless.

    Well, don't get bother about... who's gonna be our dad. White!  Étoile is still our dad and it will never change, what ever happen. I know that some of our readers are familiar about the permanency of the Étoile members in my family. If ever we opened the family, we might add some members but Étoile titles will never be changed but will be added. :)

    So, I hope this issue will not affect the Pico Rock Band fans and willkeep on supporting them, better than before. For more updates about PRB,just check out their fan page on facebook.com.http://www.facebook.com/Pico.Rock.Band.Rocks

- Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


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