Anna Étoile


To my one and only Lovable Étoile daughter.

    Our only Infantes, I know that you haven't bond with other Étoiles that much but I hope you feel great being part of this family from the start, for 9 months. I always wanted to bond with you and always tell people you are part of this family. I'm proud to have an Étoile daugther who's older than me in real. Hahaha xD

    Thank You Anna! We Love you :)

-MaiRie Étoile
Your young mom hahaha XD

    So yeah, we celebrated her birthday inside Mia's room and it is actually the first time, EVER we bond like this. Like many Étoiles came. Anna doesn't really online before so she doesn't have much social with other Étoiles. And this is actually the first time we had a party with her!

     Not all Étoiles came, but this number of Étoile is enough to celebrate and  party! Well it was fun and I'm really happy because I always want Anna to  meet other Étoiles and became close to each other. I really want to improve their social because even now, Étoiles are shy to their co-Étoiles LOL.. I want them to improve it haha.

Thanks to Yumi Étoile for taking this picture.

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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