The newest machine in Ameba Pico has been released! I would like to tell everyone how awesome this machine is! Just now, Captain Joe announced the release of the Fuser on his area.
    Fuser comes from a word "Fuse"means you'll combine two items and make it one. Fuser's usage is really easy. All you have to do is:

(From Official post : [New Function] Let’s Play Item Fuser! )

Step 1. Go to Space Area and click on the Item Fuser Machine.

Step 2. Select 2 items you would like to fuse together.

Step 3. After you select, click on FUSE button.

Step 4. You have received this item! You can post the result on your wall!

    This Item Fuser cost for only 50 AG and it doesn't matter if you'll combinde Gummie item + Gummie Item, Gummie Item + AG Item (Token Item) or AG Item + AG Item because it still depends with your luck.

    On this Item Fuser, you can get the rare items of Gacha like Real Vampire Cape, Bat Wing Motif Backpack from Gothic Fashion Gacha, Heart Shaped Backpack with wings from Heart Rock Gacha. These are some Items that I got from this Fuser.

    Also, you can get 2010 items like, Halloween Stuffs, Christmas Stuff, Valentine items and more! Like Original Chess Gacha Color :)

    Here's some of the Clothes(Except from wigs and heart shoes and heart paint) I got from Fuser. I call these Items as
Fuser Fashion
How would I know if I'm getting a Normal or Rare Item?

If the Item fuser didn't show a lightning while it's spinning...

It means that, you're going to receive a normal Item.

But if you see the lightning and it spins for a long time...

It means, It is a Rare Item!

What are the other Items that I could get from Item fuser that isn't available on the other gachas?

    One of the gacha Items that you can get from this Item fuser are

    This gacha is actually one of my most favorite gacha ever in Ameba Pico! I always wear the outfit from this gacha because it's the best for me! Well let's reminiscence some of my my past memmories with these items!
together with  ^ω^ミ❤ოყბႪi sმn [A∩м]*þõήķαηα
L'Heure Bleue's Birthday

(a picorena,twist,back slide and head spin together with ஜяφஜ^ω^shugar

With White! Étoile

With :]Tina Étoile :)

And I bet you'll love these items too!
-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile 


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