I wonder why ppl ask me for AG?

    Today, there are lots of people were asking me to give them AG. It is the day for to ask somebody to give you? I`m getting crazy! My dad and I were panicking while the 2 iTribe members were asking us to give them. X_X LOL! I told them to wait for the upcoming iTribe event. But not this month.

    I`m already finish with my fountain in my room 2! Dad visited me and my sister early in the morning there but he left us soon as I take a pic cuz he have to complete he`s meter. LOLX Etoile Sister`s are black girls today.  ahaha!

    After that, a friend visited us and she wanted to have a photoshoot again.

    Remember her? It`S ♡♡Dιαииε♡♡ !!I already posted her here in my blog last November/December i think XD. Lol I just noticed now. Time passes really fast!

     And after we took a picture, I followed our dad at TP1 but MiaRie didn`t come with me T_T. Oh well, We were tribals ahaha!
    Also, it`s been a while since iTribe`s Alpha get online! So we had a small party for his "Welcome Back Party" ans so on. We also had a meeting about iTribe and I introduced the new members to him. It was fun while they were eating, they were so WILD!


nicolegrumal said...

I wonder why ppl ask me for AG?
solution:try to tell the persons who are asking you to give them AG to please wait until the next month..remind them that not all things can be given easily..
remind them that AG is being bought not just getting them into the ground..
remind them that u cannot find money into the ground because u work hard for money
but try to say it calmly because if you don't they might hate u that will cause the loss of ur friends..if u think that there are so many people are asking you,try to transfer them to next batch for example: give them AG for the next next month, like that!!

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