Today, as you can see... I changed my banner and That`s Etoile family where my Sister and I belonged with<3 This picture was my dad`s request, he wanted to have a picture taking while wearing White. And Yep! My Dad`s name is White! Etoile a.k.a White! and our mom is Yellow! Etoile a.k.a Yellow!. You`ll see our obvious resemblance with each other and that`s how we became a family! I LOVE ETOILE!

    About the banner, you`ll se the Etoile Official Pets and Etoile Family`s Official Viceroy. BryWIJ! This guy helped me a lot and he`s so nice! I would never forget him and It`s my pleasure that BryWIJ is the Etoile Family`s Viceroy.


there`s a new Etoile Family member!


Na¢hoo Etoile
(note: This is not his Original Face)

    He was asking my dad when we were at Tagalog Park 1. And I was asking my dad if he`ll accept Na¢hoo to become an Etoile but he said he want me to decide and then I kept on whining and then he said he`ll judge first. But in te end, I`m the one who decided :D This picture was taken when we were talking inside my house ^^

 While I was talking with my dad about Nichoo if he`ll be an Etoile and about our cats



    Remember? He was in HOT30 before too! And yeap~ While BryWIJ and I was talking about Etoiles, He asked me if he can joine too and I told him that He`s already an Etoile before but I don't know why it wasn`t on his profy. And yeah! OUR LONG LOST FAMILY MEMBER IS BACK! 


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