Pinoy Picos

    Ameba Pico released another premium Gacha. OH GOD! I want the wig so much!! But I`m scared of playing gacha now :( Maybe next time.. or I wont play it >< I`m so easy to get tempted tho. OK, I`m gonna decide now. I won`t play it! NEVER EVER! but maybe if I`ve got much of Golds? ahahaha!

    Today, I visited the Laboratory together with some I tribe members: 「 ιнαтєуσυ 」, 「 ιмιѕѕуσυ」 and 「 ιℓσνєуσυ 」. And I can`t believe when I knew that I`m older than them. Am I? But wait! I don`t really mind! ahaha

(la picorena,twist,back slide and head spin)

    And when I was staying at the park, I saw my friend ஜяφஜ^ω^shugar / Hiro. I saw her near the corner and I copy her fashion and so we had Photoshoot when we were dancing. And there was someone who disturbed us and he was asking for alms while holding a mug of casino! LOL.

 I saw my friend,[RB]Syxxx sleeping there so I took a pic of us :))


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