[iTribe] Mini Reunion?

 (From top to bottom, left to right:
MaiRie Etoile, 3ray, -̲тyαиακ̲̲̅̅, pisiw, ჯ3ϻʐ✞»|| ¢нαям,
choco na  milo, ☪chedeng☪ and a non-iTribe member..
♠»ßôŠž¬ ¢нєѕ¢α)

    Well, 3ray was online again! And what the best part is that.. many members were online! XD LOL! And so I called them to meet at TP2 but pisiw and chedeng weren`t there and they were AFK inside monkiki`s house. I asked them to go there and we`ll just take some stolen shots for new pictures and when we came there.. they woke up. LOL!

(from top left: 3ray, MaiRie Etoile, ჯ3ϻʐ✞»|| ¢нαям,
  -̲тyαиακ̲̲̅̅, choco na  milo, pisiw and monkiki)

    And we weren`t contented so we went at my house and took more pics! Check out more pics here. Lol, I`m inviting Monkiki to join the tribe since she`s always with pisiw and chedeng.. .an she`s always online :3 And while we were talking there... my friend °♫™đu¢кℓiиg™♪°visited me and she wore her tribal outfit. hahaha!

    And look at tyanak`s stolen shot while she was playing alone on the Caterpillar... She looks funny! But cute :3


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