Born This Way

     Finally! After a month! After experiencing errors just like before. I even re:edit this video before I upload it and I'm not really sure if it went well. And finally, Born this Way is finally released! We've been  seeing so many people who ca 't wait for this video. So we hope that you liked it! And now here it is!!! Hope you Enjoy

     We found Lady Gaga's Born this Way is really inspiring and we thought that everyone should realize this message. We are born this way. We should be proud of what we've got now. Cheer up because you're not weird, you're special because you are different from everyone and you must realize that what you've got now is not all people have it.  Be the way you are right now and you don't have to change. People are going to accept you no matter what you are :)

    We would like to say Thank you to those picos, specially VIP members who tried to participate in our video. It was a very big help!! We put a credits after the video, but we are not sure if we were able to put everyone's name because there was a time that the data error has been occur and Mai wasn't able to save the names.


    By the way, Happy Birthday to AYAME ÉTOILE! She's also celebrating her birthday so, don'T forget to greet her! Please be reminded also that tomorrow is our Birthday Party!! See yah!!

     Be your Self and be proud of who you are!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


Anonymous said...

It's so cool that i ever seen xD
Fantastic Video!
Étoiles are the best in the world!!!

RandomPanda said...

I've been checking every day for updates on the video!! So glad it finally came out! Great job! Loved the whole thing.

F☆O мѕCrystal♫ said...


Lili Cullen - ♥ said...

It's my b-day today ( Real ) & happy birthday the two of u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M룣y LªüĜñíé said...

Wow!! Very cool!! i like it! I miss u XD haha

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