Summer Party

    The party started at exactly 8:30 PM. Before I make an event, people started on coming already and there were already waiting when I made one. When people came in Daddy White!, Mia and I were already there then after, Selly Étoile came.

    We greeted everyone first and then we had a small talk. Then i brought out 300 foods for everyone. After that, I visited the room 1 to see the other visitors. Mia wanted too but then she have to wait for many people again before she able to get in. So yeah, I greeted and spent just a small time, brought out 300 food and went back to 4th room to see the other visitors.

    In 4th room we bond to each other, Mia and I danced a little... and then we had a group picture together. Sadly, we I wasn't able to take  a good quality of pictures because they all keep moving and it was quite hard to control. But on our 2nd group picture, we made it.. just a little XD

    Then someone started on asking me to take a picture alone,.. so we decided to make a line again which really took about two and half hours >_> The lone never actually ended! When we thought it will finally end, people are coming and started on falling in line >_<

    So 10 minutes before 11:30, we decided to have a group picture instead because it will really take time.

    Really, thank you very much to those people who were there, who had patience on waiting. We're sorry for those people who didn't made it and to the ones who were there and in line but wasn't able to take picture with us. Maybe next time. Click here to see our pictures.




☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile



    I had an interview with some friends today! It's been a while since I had one and I did feel excited about it. Now meet, the interviewers; [VE] Pillisa S, Niall ń. TLA and •Choco S.•™. Because of them they made me realize a lot of things.

    And then after, one of their friend, ₭ɾɨѕʈℯℓ♥ɧέαяʈ came in side the room and joined us when we were taking picure.

    One of them said something about that they want to interview other  Étoiles as well so I checked out my buddy list and saw my dad, White!. I messaged him and asked if he can and good thing, he said yes ^^

    I did nothing but just interrupt them. Say anything I want like I am a crazy one. Well, was kindda boring, it's not that they are boring but... I can't just get silent if I am not doing anything. So yep, I interrupt the interview them. I also noticed that ₭ɾɨѕʈℯℓ♥ɧέαяʈ were flying around, so I joined her.

    And at the end, we took picture together.

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


3 days of Stolen Shots

     Hello guys! I would like to share to all of you what happened to me within 3 days, from 27th of August until today, 29th day of the month.

 Augst 27, 2012

    It's been a while since I onlined and bond with people like this. I've been busy so much in Philippines for more than a month which I never expected. I'm so happy to see a lot of people, though, I feel sad I wasn't able to take a nice group picture with them. I was quite busy in real XD. Also, 'Shinchan' pico came for a sudden which really made my day.

August 28,2012

    My friend in real life played with me on pico for the first time! It's been a while since I was able to invite a friend in real to play this game XD Oh, he was my classmate before when I was still studying in Philippines :)

    Then right after, I went to Tagalog park. Just missing my old friends in year 2010 but sadly, they weren't there. Yet, I found out something! I don't know when this started but this is the latest cheat/hack I know. Bringing out the items from your pockets such as Tanabata Praying action, firecrackers and more!

    Later, I just end up staying inside my room and spend a little time with people after I played the latest gacha, which is the Japanese Punk. There were lots of people in my room 4 and I don't know why. I wasn't there anymore after I redecorate the room.

    When I was taking a picture for the 'We all Exist' people followed me at Starrymia's room 4. I just noticed them after I took a picture when I zoomed out.. that all of them are lining up in front of the wall that they seems they are waiting for me.

August 29, 2012

    And for today, lot of things happened. What made my day is these balloons drinks on top of my table. Thank you for those people who left it for me! And these people whom I saw sleeping with me when I just check out my pico because I was busy doing the Biggest Temptation post.

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile

Air Guitar

The 89th action has been released!

    Of course, we will not miss the latest action since it's part of our collections! And it's cool to think that Ameba Pico's action is soon to be in 90s! Actions are going to be exciting since there's lot of actions I've been seein from pigg. I hope they adopt it sooner!

★Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 



     Hello guys! I would like to introduce to you the latest member of Royal Pets! I know we have just one but today, one of an Étoile got a new one!

Meet Selly's Newest pet

A white Lesser Panda!

    I was really surprised and behalf of that, happy because at least, one of an Étoile have this rare pet which I really wanted since this morning. T=T Well I already give up. It's quite hard to hunt and I don't want to waste my money. I'll just take care of VoieLactée :)

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile

Japanese Punk

    Lovin' the latest premium GACHA! The new outfit reminds me of the clothing when Japanese people dances 'Yosakoi'. I love it!!! So here I am wearing the rare dress from the gacha while Mai is wearing the outfit from the Shop with the guitar and hair accessory she got from the latest gacha.


★Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 

We All Exist

To everyone who will be able to read this.
      We the Etoiles and other known picos does EXIST. We are not fake because of our 'virtual characters'. Those are just the same with the 'Anime Characters' you guys love. Those characters doesn't exist but there, the animators and voice actors exist to make those 'anime characters' alive which is just the same of Ameba Pico Characters. We the person in real life make a virtual character and make it alive.

Etoile Family, other family or groups DOES exist too. May not be in actual REAL Life but it's part of the CONTROLLER'S REAL LIFE. It is also the same with the student council in our school. It only exist INSIDE the school but not OUTSIDE the school. Still,.. there is the word 'exist'.

It's just like, there is a city in a city, and in that city there will be another city.
A group in a group, and another group in that gorup.

In other term, there here we call Universe and in universe, milky way galaxy exist, in that galaxy a lot of stars exist and there is earth, in earth there are islands.. in that islands, mostly are countries that has people. Those people have their OWN world depends on their way of living. Those worlds are depends in their age, hobbies, way of living and on where they will find their happiness. To make it applicable with the users around here are the worlds I'm talking about; School, Anime, Family, Cyber(internet), games and more.

A school can be an example of a country and it has a lot of people manage by a principal which is the president. We meet people who matches to us. There where nursery to major degree exist. For example, in nursery there are sections.

In anime. In real life, lots of people like anime and it could be consider as a group. And in that group there are people who like lolita, gothic, shoujo, shounen and more which are considered as a group. And in each group, for example shoujo; there's lot of anime in the genre.. such as Shugo Chara(This is known, as I know) and there where another group exist.

So for internet WORLD, there are games, chat, surfing. I could also say; Facebook world, Twitter world, youtube world and more. So let's go to the game/chat world.. where Ameba Pico exist. In Ameba Pico there are countries, in that countries there are people.. and those people make group and there were we ETOILES exist as well as the other family and group. All of us in a group also make a group, for example ETOILES has PRB, VIP. And in PRB there PRB and PRB GX exist. And in PRB, PRB Academy? EXIST and in that ACADEMY there are batches from 1-10+?

Since we are in the game. Our Ameba Pico Virtual characters isn't different from the other characters of game such as ragnarok, ran, tantra, dota and other characters in a game.

And I think I'm getting too deep now but I want you guys to know we all EXIST. How about you? The people who says WE DONT EXIST.. so you telling your pico doesn't exist either?

I hope this post will help you guys at least, understand my point.

A country in a country. A city in a city. A group in a group. And ofcourse.. on those worlds, groups... WE ARE PART OF IT.. the PEOPLE / MEMBERS DOES EXIST.

There will be no school, country,government groups, ETOILE and other fam/group if nobody will be part of it. WE the people in real life make our virtual character, make friends and meet pepole, make a group/family in a world(Ameba Pico world).

If you guys say we don't exist.. then our works such as this blog, videos, games and more shouldn't be existed from the first place as well.

For your information. We are not illusions, dream or sweet night mare.


☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile

Mr. No Name

    I just met a pico user in the pet farm who's collecting Lesser Panda. Just like me, he was also finding for a white one while waiting at New Zealand. But I'm still thinking if I should send back one of my pet to the farm because I already got 5 tigers. I didn't really expected that the Lesser Pandas will be that common specially the color I have. You guys know me, I want something rare and unique >_<

    He was nice after all and adviced me not to  send one of my pet back to the farm. Still, I'll think about it later on XD So yeah, I want you guys to see his pets.

     I will really be happy for him if he finally get a white Lesser Panda wishing him luck on finding and waiting. Though, Faith Étoile have seen one already. Wish I was there. And here's a picture when our pets lined up. 5 Lesser Panda with different color.

☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


Lesser Panda on Pico!

     Last time, in our Pigg Blog, MiaRi introduced the new pet in Ameba Pigg which is the Lesser Panda that is also known as Red Panda. And now, finally! It's here in Ameba Pico too!

    I so in hurry when I saw the new update on pico about the Lesser Pandas that I didn't even checked the official post and I just rushed going to the New Zealand pet farm. Luckily, from Server 27, I saw this orange Lesser Panda and bought it immidiately

    And now, JUST NOW I'm doing this post, I saw the Official Post and there were 10 colors of Lesser Pandas... I didn't reject at all XD. I rather get normal colors than the other such as green, pink and blue. I don't want my pet to look like abnormal! It would look like sick for me and yep, I'm thankful for getting my new pet.

So here he is... Voie Lactée!

    Probably you are wondering why his name is this hard? Well, I know most of you knows that I love stars and anything related with stars. Well, we all know that we are located in the Milky Way galaxy and so, from that, I decided to make it as a name for my rascal in french language. Hard, isn't? XD


    Mai was the one who informed me about this before the notification of information arrived on my pico screen. And as she does, I did rushed to the pet farm and find a Lesser Panda. I really want one! And I never expected that it'll be on pigg as soon as like now. I visited 3 server before I found one! It I was actually really sad because I thought that it is rare like in pigg. And then I saw a crowed of people talking in Alien language and said 'It's expensive :(' then I noticed an unfamiliar thingy in front of them, I clicked and it was a Lesser Panda. I didn't hesitate on buying it, I really want it as soon as I can! So here,... meet

La Galaxie
    Yep, from it's name 'Galaxie' is a french word of 'Galaxy'. It's really near and obvious and not hard as Mai's Lesser Panda. Lol. Well, yep I want a name related from her's so we both decided how we are going to name our pet. A galaxy and a galaxy name. Though, they reminds me of the 'Milky Way' and 'Galaxy' chocolates and both of them look like chocolates XD

    And for the third new member of Étoile Royal Pet, Bry's Rascal Panda, mudface! Well, her first name was iHate. Bry said, it was just for temporarily name because he couldn't think of other name. Just like me and Mai. Her Lesser Panda's name was firstie and mind was 2nd. Lol.

Here's the other Lesser Panda Colour

☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile

Étoile Summer Party

We are inviting everyone to join our family party with friends on
August 31, 2012


    It's been a while since we held a party with everyone so better don't miss this one out! We might also perform live, if you want but that will depend to our visitors. We want to spend time with other people and friends, get to know each other and make more friends! This will be the night for you to meet lots of  Étoile at a time! So you better be an attendee!

Pico ID : MaiRie Étoile
    The venue will be only available for everyone from 8:30PM/20:30. Any users who get inside earlier before the time will be kick(and allowed). We are asking for everyone for understanding.

Time Schedule
     The venue will be open for everyone at exact 8:30PM/20:30. Please take note that we will not be allowing the visitors to get inside the venue earlier the time. Anyone who tried to get in earlier the designated time will be kick out (but will be allow again).

Australia(Sydney) - 21:30//9:30PM-00:30//12:00AM
Canada(Ottawa) - 07:30//7:30AM-10:30//10:30AM
China(Beijing) - 19:30//7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Egypt(Cairo) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
France(Paris) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
Germany(Berlin) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
Hong Kong(Hong Kong) - 19:30//7:30PM
Indonesia(Jakarta) - 18:30//6:30PM-21:30//9:30PM
Japan(Osaka) - 20:30//8:30PM-23:30//11:30
Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur)- 19:30 //7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Netherlands(Amsterdam) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
Philippines(Manila) - 19:30//7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Singapore(Singapore) - 19:30 //7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Taiwan(Taipei) - 19:30//7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
U.S.A(New York) - 07:30//7:30AM-22:30//10:30AM
Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh) - 18:30//6:30PM-21:30//9:30PM

☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile
Étoile Royal Family


Airport Gacha

Model: BryWIJ Étoile
    Airport Gacha! Yay! I hope in pico, we could really ride planes to travel in other country places. That would be cool if picos will really act like in real life. XD So for those people who love traveling, why don't you try this gacha?

New Item List



 ☆Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 
[NEW] Airport Gacha Released!!


Ice Cream Parlor Challenge!!

Model: Selly Étoile

    New Slot Challenge for this week end! You've got to be feeling sexy here! Sweets will be around and our picos will get fat XD I really love the new wig specially t has a pink high lights... But then, the glasses, I wish it's star.. not heart :<

August 23rd~August 28th (23:59 GMT)

in Slot Area

Win C$1,000(from the start)
→Strawberry Ice Cream Chair/pk

Win C$5,000(from the start)
→Green Tea Ice Cream Chair/gn, Grape Ice Cream Chair/pr

Win C$40,000(from the start)
→Ice Cream Parlor Floor/gn, Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Chair/sb

Win C$90,000 (from the start)
→Ice Cream Parlor Wall/pk

Win C$220,000 (from the start)
→(BOYS) Pop Ice Cream Outfit/rd-sb, Pop American Wig with Sunglasses/bg, Ice Cream Parlor Neon/pk

→(GIRLS) Pop Ice Cream Dress/pk, Pop Mesh Wig with Sunglasses/bg, Ice Cream Parlor Neon/pk

The first 500 users who make C$220,000 will also win
Pop Ice Cream Box/pk

Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 


Lolita Botique

Another Pinky Premium Item!
Item Model : Selly Étoile
    Another premium item has been released! Really, Pico is improving, though, I find it not that good quality as pigg has, but still... it improved and too cute than the past lolita items. I like them.

New Items list

☆Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile