Hawaiian Gifts

Hawaiian mystery box is back!! 
    After quite long time, facebook gifting like this is back! This gifting would really help out other users who haven't get their desired items for this items! All you have to do is to send your facebook friends to invite them send you back! Helping each other would be really a great idea here!

For more information: http://info.pico.ameba.net/2012/08/07/mystery-box-hawaiian-mystery-box-is-back/

    But seriously, I hope Ameba Pico just think of other gift that putting back old ones. This made me think that they don't really have enough ideas for the stuff like this or just changing the newly released premium item color. I hope someday, the game would be better  in some other ways.

★Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


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