I had an interview with some friends today! It's been a while since I had one and I did feel excited about it. Now meet, the interviewers; [VE] Pillisa S, Niall ń. TLA and •Choco S.•™. Because of them they made me realize a lot of things.

    And then after, one of their friend, ₭ɾɨѕʈℯℓ♥ɧέαяʈ came in side the room and joined us when we were taking picure.

    One of them said something about that they want to interview other  Étoiles as well so I checked out my buddy list and saw my dad, White!. I messaged him and asked if he can and good thing, he said yes ^^

    I did nothing but just interrupt them. Say anything I want like I am a crazy one. Well, was kindda boring, it's not that they are boring but... I can't just get silent if I am not doing anything. So yep, I interrupt the interview them. I also noticed that ₭ɾɨѕʈℯℓ♥ɧέαяʈ were flying around, so I joined her.

    And at the end, we took picture together.

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


Kristel.Heart said...

Hey it's kristel :3 I had fun with you guys. Also I forgot to tell you that I own the magazine they were interviewing you for

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