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    I am really crazy about this new item, really! I couldn't resist them!!! Before, I had 706/700 items because of the casino challenges. But since Ameba Pico had a recycling campaign, I deleted the items I am not using that much even though I didn't want to. But when I saw those cool items....

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     I couldn't insist not to buy them! I was really like 'Sgzshxjdhngbvc Come and take my money!'meme on 9gag. So I went crazy on deleting my items again.Really! I want Ameba Pico to extend it to 999/999 like in Ameba Pigg!!! I hate deleting my collections :<

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     So yeah, in the end, I was able to buy some items.. but not all :< I have to stop my self because there will be cooler items will come like this... I have to give spaces for them! I want those wigs T_T And yep, I won't let Mia to be the only one who's sexy here!


    Why would she want to be smexy if she already hot?

    So yeah, Mai decided which one to buy since my items are full too. Both of us chose the bloned wig sine it's our natural hair color in pico. ( I hope more bloned wigs to come!) The quality of items now are quite already like in Ameba Pigg, just a llitle more improvement :D

Click to enlarge (Don't mind my gummies, yes I'm poor XD)
    I wanted those brown wigs too! Since most of my wigs are brown. Well, for sometimes, I want to be natural as well. And unlike Mai, I didn't had a hard time on buying since I still got some spaces in my closet :3

Here's the new store, Kate with the new items and action!
Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile 


Khairun Neiysa said...

Wowoooowowowow !!
gimme your gummies and AG !!
Sooooo Rich , and mia ,, u not poor XD
I only have 1k gummies . LOL

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