Lesser Panda on Pico!

     Last time, in our Pigg Blog, MiaRi introduced the new pet in Ameba Pigg which is the Lesser Panda that is also known as Red Panda. And now, finally! It's here in Ameba Pico too!

    I so in hurry when I saw the new update on pico about the Lesser Pandas that I didn't even checked the official post and I just rushed going to the New Zealand pet farm. Luckily, from Server 27, I saw this orange Lesser Panda and bought it immidiately

    And now, JUST NOW I'm doing this post, I saw the Official Post and there were 10 colors of Lesser Pandas... I didn't reject at all XD. I rather get normal colors than the other such as green, pink and blue. I don't want my pet to look like abnormal! It would look like sick for me and yep, I'm thankful for getting my new pet.

So here he is... Voie Lactée!

    Probably you are wondering why his name is this hard? Well, I know most of you knows that I love stars and anything related with stars. Well, we all know that we are located in the Milky Way galaxy and so, from that, I decided to make it as a name for my rascal in french language. Hard, isn't? XD


    Mai was the one who informed me about this before the notification of information arrived on my pico screen. And as she does, I did rushed to the pet farm and find a Lesser Panda. I really want one! And I never expected that it'll be on pigg as soon as like now. I visited 3 server before I found one! It I was actually really sad because I thought that it is rare like in pigg. And then I saw a crowed of people talking in Alien language and said 'It's expensive :(' then I noticed an unfamiliar thingy in front of them, I clicked and it was a Lesser Panda. I didn't hesitate on buying it, I really want it as soon as I can! So here,... meet

La Galaxie
    Yep, from it's name 'Galaxie' is a french word of 'Galaxy'. It's really near and obvious and not hard as Mai's Lesser Panda. Lol. Well, yep I want a name related from her's so we both decided how we are going to name our pet. A galaxy and a galaxy name. Though, they reminds me of the 'Milky Way' and 'Galaxy' chocolates and both of them look like chocolates XD

    And for the third new member of Étoile Royal Pet, Bry's Rascal Panda, mudface! Well, her first name was iHate. Bry said, it was just for temporarily name because he couldn't think of other name. Just like me and Mai. Her Lesser Panda's name was firstie and mind was 2nd. Lol.

Here's the other Lesser Panda Colour

☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile


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