There were so many bugs, glitch, hacks and exploits around Ameba Pico. After the maintenance today, the buddy list had been fixed after our sufferings within two months. All of us are like "alone in this world" and most of the non active pico players who onlined within those times thought that their friends doesn't online anymore and most of us are making events "public>private please" to ask them to re:online their status so that they'll be available in our buddy list.

    Lastly, the bug in Black Jack has already a solution after four months. But it just made me wonder...

"Dear Pico’s

We have found a bug considering Black Jack game in the Casino area.

We apologize that we are closing Black Jack for sometime until the problem found has been fixed.
Sorry about the trouble, and please keep enjoying Pico."

-Pico Staff

     The bug finally got a solution after MONTHS? Wow! I don't think it's a nice news for everyone. Well, it's nice because the bug/problem finally will be fix but... the bug/problem finally got a solution after months isn't a really great news. Just like the buddy list. It is fixed after months. Now, the black jack is temporarily closed again because the found out the solution for the card reading. Hmmm? I think they should be more alert and at least fixed the bugs/problem immediately and not so-late because there are so many picos who are being disturb of it specially the non-stop maintenance.

    I hope that when this bug is fixed and when the next maintenance has been announced again. I hope they do it well than we get disturb in the game we love to play. So for those Black Jack Lovers, just be patience and our lovely BJ will be back :)

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


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