Space Friends

     My sis and I went there at the Space Station and bought new items. Of course, we were really enjoying because it's about the outer space... there's a lot of stars there XD 

    So we went around and check out the computers and everything is AMAZING! I remembered the time when I was young. I wanted to become an astronaut. I wanted to see the stars. I even wanted to step on the moon and see how beautiful the earth is. I even thought that one country=one planet. Yeah, funny right. Well, I was just a little girl that time :3

     Until our friends and other Étoiles followed us and we just talked around there. It was fun to bond with L'Heure Bleue after long time. Yes, she's our cousin when she was used to be an Étoile long time ago. I missed this girl. And I'm happy that she became friends with Cat Étoile. Also, it's been a while since I bond with Miyu Étoile, Yumi Étoile and Rose Étoile together with -Cookie until the launch.

    Sadly, we didn't get a star in the end. Lol maybe admins forgot to set it or something :X By the way, check out more pictures here!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


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